Sunday, May 29, 2016

World Peace Council: Internationalist solidarity meeting held in Athens

ATHENS- With a solidarity event at 'Alkyonis' cinema, the Greek Committee for International Peace and Detente (EEDYE) welcomed the members of the Secretariat of the World Peace Council (WPC) which met in Athens on May 27-28th. The event was attended by Giorgos Marinos, member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece, the Cuban ambassador in Greece Mr.Osvaldo Cobacho Martinez, the consul of the Palestinian embassy, as well representatives of various peace committees around the world.

The Secretariat of the World Peace Council met on Friday with major speakers being the WPC President Socorro Gomes and WPC General Secretary Thanasis Pafilis. The meeting was attended by representatives from several countries including Brazil, United States, Cuba, Portugal, Cyprus, Palestine, Syria, India, Nepal, South Africa, Congo, Poland, Turkey and Israel.

The major issue of discussion was the preparation for the WPC Congress which is scheduled to take place in São Luís, Brazil on November 17-20, 2016. Additionally, the Secretariat planned new iniatives of action related to anti-imperialist, anti-war events.

Socorro Gomes pointed out the significance of the campaign for the dissolution of NATO, stressing it's destructive role against the people. A peak of this campaign will be the anti-NATO activities on June 8-9, during the NATO Summit in Warsaw. 

From his side, Thanasis Pafilis condemned the dangerous foreign and defense policy followed by the Greek coalition government, as well as the participation of the country in military missions of NATO and the EU. Refering to the refugee issue, Pafilis said that "the anti-imperialist, pro-war movement in Greece, inspired by the proud stance of our people, develops a multiform activity and offers it's solidarity to the refugees and immigrants, condemning the fascist, criminal 'Golden Dawn' organisation and the other reactionary forces".