Saturday, May 7, 2016

Capitalists' terrorism against strikers in Greece- Reaction by Labor Unions

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On the occasion of the 48-hour General Strike against the anti-people law of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, major employers in Greece have tried to terrorize workers by using any possible means. In a statement issued on Friday (first day of the strike), PAME condemns the "employers terrorism and the repression orgy against the nationwide strike". In Athens, dozens of striking builders were persecuted and brought to the police, while Greek shipowners tried to terrorize dockworkers in Piraeus and the port of Volos. 

PAME points out: "We demand from the government to release now all the trade unionists and to stop the environment of terror. Terrorism will not pass. Everyone in the Strike. Everyone in the struggle. Everyone in the demonstrations".

On Friday afternoon, Police arrested 30 workers outside the construction site of "Stavros Niarchos Institute" in Neo Faliro. A few hours later, under the pressure of the strikers and workers, the builders were released. His full support and solidarity to the arrested strikers expressed the Communist Party MP Christos Katsiotis who joined the protesting workers outside the Attica Police Administration Headquarters.
Workers outside Attica Police HQ in Athens demand the release of strikers.
In statements issued on Friday, the Greek Federation of Construction Workers and the Athens Construction Workers Labor Union condemned the terrorizing methods used by the large employers-Capitalists and the government.

Greek Shipowners against the Strike.

In the city of Volos, one of the country's major ports, shipowning companies tried to break the workers' strike. Coast-guards attacked the striking dockworkers and arrested a member of PAME who was released a few hours later.

In Piraeus, the shipowners filed in injuction against the administration of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Trailer and Life-Saving shipping Crew in order to prevent them from participating in the 48-hour strike.