Thursday, May 26, 2016

PAME protest in Athens: Solidarité avec les Militants Travailleurs de France!

Action of Solidarity with the workers of France.
ATHENS- On Thursday, May 26, a delegation of PAME (All Workers Militant Front), WFTU (World Federation of Trade Unions) and MAS (Militant Students Front) held a protest at the Embassy of France in Athens.
The action aims to express the Solidarity of the workers and the youth of Greece, and of the WFTU, with the Struggle of the workers of France. In a provocative response, the French Embassy refused to meet with the representatives of the Trade Unions, who were “welcomed” by the Embassy’s Head of Security.
The delegation condemned this behavior of the Embassy, which is in accordance with the intimidation tactics and threats of the French Government, aiming to break the militant spirit of the strikers.

PAME, expressing its Solidarity with the Struggle of the French workers, submitted a letter, where it states:
“The class trade union movement of Greece, the Federations, the Labour Centers that rally with PAME:
  • We unite our voices with our French colleagues and Demand the withdrawal of the “El Khomri package”
  • We denounce the intimidation, the threats and the attacks against the fighting workers
  • We express our Solidarity with all the workers who walk the streets of struggle and to the trade unions-WFTU/FSM affiliates, who have a main role in the mobilizations.