Thursday, May 26, 2016

KKE: The anti-people work of the government has been acknowledged and approved via the Eurogroup agreement

Communist Party of Greece: Statement of the Press Office of the KKE on the Eurogroup Agreement, 25.5.2016 / Source:

The anti-people work of the government has been acknowledged and approved via the Eurogroup agreement on the completion of the assessment.The agreement confirms that the downward spiral is endless, as each tranche installment has new anti-people measures as its precondition. Similarly, any "lightening" of the debt, which was not created by the people, will be accompanied by a new raft of measures in the various phases of its discussion, regardless of how the competition between the IMF and sections of the bourgeois classes of the EU will be expressed and regardless of what its result will be.
The lies of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition will unravel quickly, as the laws that have just been passed are not the last difficult measures, as the government officials pretended in the previous period.

The law-guillotine for the social-security system, the steep increase in taxation, the privatizations, the handing over of the red loans to "funds", the supplementary memorandum-contingency mechanism were not the last anti-people laws of the "last difficult turn" the government promised the people.  Even more so when the next assessment has a new offensive as its precondition, focusing on labour rights, with mass dismissals and attacks on trade union rights. In any case, the ground has already been prepared by the recent demands expressed by SEB (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) and other employer organizations.
The government's optimism that the agreement in the Eurogroup concerning Greece "will be the beginning of the country's exit from the vicious circle of economic recession" has nothing to do with the working class and popular strata who are shouldering the burden of the crisis, but with capital that looks to a recovery of its profits. On the basis of the current situation of the international and domestic economy, the prediction for a rapid and significant recovery of the Greek economy has no foundations. Whatever the case, any recovery of capitalist profits will be accompanied by new subsidies, tax breaks and assistance included in the new development law, while the anti-people arsenal of the government-monopolies will remain in place and be reinforced.
The people themselves can put an end to the anti-people measures of the government-EU through their organized struggle, the regroupment of the movement, the people's alliance on the path of coming into rupture with and overthrowing capitalism.
ATHENS 25/5/2016