Thursday, May 5, 2016

KKE: "The SYRIZA-ANEL government surpassed the limits of political degradation; They fear people's anger and indignation"

In a statement regarding the Greek government's decision to submit the anti-people law proposal on social security to the Parliament during the upcoming weekend, the General Secretary of KKE D.Koutsoumbas said the following:

"The SYRIZA-ANEL government fears people's anger and indignation. They surpass every limit of political degradation. They suddenly arranged the voting of the anti-people package laws on Social Security, taxation and the additional measures they have agreed with the Quartet, during the weekend. 

That consists an act of overt authoritarianism, of enmity against the working-peoples movement and of all-around support to large employers. This (act) is proof that every such government, no matter how it appears, implements anti-people policies and resorts to actions that aim to manipulate the movement and our people. 

It also proves that the recovery, the debt's adjustment, the new 'success story', in Tsipras' way this time, and also every other thing the government is promising in order to 'sweeten the pill' of anti-people agreements with the institutions-ravens, have as a prerequisite only new barbaric measures for the people, without expiring date. 

The government is deeply mistaken if it believes that through cunning manoeuvres will avoid popular reactions against the measures-guillotine it promotes.

KKE calls the working people, the self-employed professionals, the farmers, the young people, the retired people, the women of poor families to give a militant, proud answer, participating massively in the strike demonstrations and rallies, putting on their target the real culprits of peoples' problems: The EU, the IMF, the authority of the Capital itself, the governments and the parties which serve them. 

Mass peoples' uprising from today onwards and everyday, with direct peak being this weekend when the governmental MPs plan to vote the law-guillotine.

KKE will give this fight both in the streets and in the Parliament until the final overthrow of the anti-people policy, for the Greek people to become the real ruler in his home and to demolish all the slaughterers of his rights"

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The video of D.Koutsoumbas' statement (in Greek)

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