Saturday, April 9, 2016

Denunciation of Golden Dawn's fascist anti-refugee gathering in Piraeus

Translation: In Defense of Communism.

The local organisation of KKE in Piraeus condemns the fiesta staged by Golden Dawn and calls the working class and the people of the area to reject the fascists's new preaching of hate.

Golden Dawn members gathered outside the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus shouting "against the islamization" of the country, while an anti-fascist rally had been scheduled to take place just on the opposite Korais square. There were clashes between the Neo-Nazis and anarchists and a man from Golden Dawn's block- holding an iron bar- attacked a tv crew. Despite the intervention of police he avoided arrest.

The KKE organisation of Piraeus issued an announcement in which, among others, it states (we underline the most interesting points):

"The Party Organisation of Piraeus of KKE denounces the new fascist fiesta staged by Golden Dawn. We call the working class and the people of Piraeus' area to reject the fascists' new hate preachings. 

In our neighbourhoods we know well what means to be a refugee. Piraeus and the surrounding municipalities grew substantially when thousands of refugees from Asia Minor and Pontos came here, being chased and because of the imperialist war. We know well what uprooting and immigration mean, since the years of 1950s and 1960s, when we were massively departing in order to become cheap workers in Germany and other large capitalist countries.

In these neighbourhoods, the working masses, the people, the youth do not consider as an "enemy" those people who are chased by the impacts of wars and armed clashes which the imperialist interventions in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, have created.

Golden Dawn is a loyal servant of the monopolies and Capital. It does not say a word for the reasons that bring the refugees to Greece. It hides the cause, which is the inter-imperialist contradictions and the wars that come up as a result of them. It (Golden Dawn) even calls the people to choose sides, (to come) by the side of some part of the bourgeoisie, by the side of one or another imperialist alliance. Thus, it is in favor of the imperialist war.

Golden Dawn conceals the responsible for the evils of the Greek working class. It supports the politics of Capital's competitiveness. The hundreds questions submitted in the Parliament (by Golden Dawn MPs) regarding the interests of shipowners, of the pharmaceutical industrials and other capitalists, as well as it's enmity towards peoples' struggles confirm it's dirty, anti-people role; the fact that it is the "long arm" of the Capital. On the same time, it behaves to the victims of imperialist interventions, to young people, to women, mothers and little children like they are criminals.

However, we know that the bread from the table hasn't been taken neither by the Syrian nor the Afghan or Iraqi refugee. The bread from the table is taken by the anti-people policy that serves the interests of large business groups whose "guard-dog" Golden Dawn is. Unemployment, poverty, the ripping of rights are born from the Capital's policy. We, the working class and the people are not going to go against the chased ones. We are going to go against the real victimizers who crush our lives, we are going to go against the Capital and it's policy.