Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Golden Dawn Neo-Nazis' admiration for Donald Trump

Special to In Defense of Communism.

The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has gained some new fans on the other side of the Atlantic. His offensive, openly racist rhetoric seems to charm the Neo-Nazi thugs of 'Golden Dawn'. That explains why the websites of the Greek criminal-fascist organisation include articles praising Trump ("a patriot and a nice guy" as they call him) and his anti-immigration, anti-muslim language. 

Commenting on Trump, Golden Dawn MP Panagiotaros said during a party's web discussion: "The latest thing he (Trump) said is "it is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred days as a sheep". And when they told him that these were the words of Mussolini, he replied "I don't care"... The guy doesn't mince his words"The same admiration for Trump can be found in articles published in the official site of Golden Dawn's Nazis. For example, we read the following: "The candidate for the republican nomination, Donald Trump, hasn't stop telling truths which exceedingly annoy the american-zionist establishment". On the same article, the author... congratulates Trump for "his courage". 

Articles praising Trump in Golden Dawn's website.

In another article (also published on Golden Dawn's official site), Trump is praised for his expressed will to deport "11 million illegal immigrants, to prohibit muslims from entering the United States and build a wall across US-Mexican borders". The enthusiasm of the Greek Neonazi party for Trump cannot be hidden: "Despite the polemics against him in the Republican Party, Trump shows his wider acceptance in almost all the social sections of his party's voters, as far as he is the one who expressed better the anxieties, the fear and the anger of many americans for the political system"

Hitler's ideological descendants don't forget to insult celebrities who have expressed their disgust about Trump. Actor George Clooney, for example, has been labeled as "ridiculous liberal leftist (sic) hypocrite".

But, apart from expressing publicly their admiration for Trump, Golden Dawn's Neo-nazis try to tighten their relations with white supremacist-racist groups from the US. On March 11, the Greek newspaper "Real News" published a report about the visit of US racist parties' representatives in Athens, after an invitation by Golden Dawn. More specifically, the Greek Neo-Nazis met with the leaders of the so-called "Traditionalist Workers Party" and the US supremacist organisation "White Student Union". 

At a glance: What is Golden Dawn.

'Golden Dawn' is a fascist-criminal organisation which presents itself as a "nationalist" political party. Leading members of GD have been photographed with portraits of Hitler, Goebbels and the swastika, while in the past the party's official magazine included hymns to Nazis and the Third Reich. 

Golden Dawn's members have been prosecuted for numerous attacks on immigrants as well as Greek citizens; on September 2013 a member of the Nazi organisation, G.Roupakias, murdered anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas in Piraeus, while a few days before a group of Golden Dawn's thugs attacked and seriously injured members of KKE and PAME. 

Golden Dawn- a political puppet of the big capital and the shipowning industry - currently holds 18 seats in the Greek Parliament.