Sunday, April 3, 2016

RIZOSPASTIS Headlines (3/4/2016)

Sunday edition of "Rizospastis".
Organ of the CC of KKE.

- Escalation of people's activity in front of unpopular developments.
- Coalition government-Quartet: Anti-people escalation in the background of memorandums' update.
- D.Koutsoumbas: The working-peoples' movement to demand immediate measures for the refugees, against the EU decisions.
- Patras Municipality- March against unemployment: Today at 9 am the beginning from Patras.

- Article: Sides of the guiding work on the base of the Decision for the reorganisation and building of the Party.
- Bourgeois Political System: The discussion about 'corruption' as the 'washing machine' of capitalist exploitation.
- About "terrorist threat" and the Imperialist war.
- Bourgeois parties and constitutional review: Convocations towards reactionary changes.
- Public Power Corporation (DEH Company) - Western Macedonia: A serious "accident" almost every two months.