Saturday, April 2, 2016

Greek parliament discussion on draft law for the refugees- ΚΚΕ: "You ask from the murderer to solve the problem"

KKE's parliamentary rep., MP Thanasis Pafilis.
The fact that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government brings with fast-track procedure the draft law for the refugees- and on the same time adds more than 100 technical legislative issues- is unacceptable and serves other purposes said Thanasis Pafilis, the parliamentary representative of the Communist Party of Greece.

Refering to the causes of the refugee issue- taking into account that during their speeches the MPs of SYRIZA and New Democracy refered to various causes- Pafilis said that all of them voted and supported NATO's decision for a 'New Middle East' that was taken at the 2004 NATO summit in Istanbul. "When you signed the plan or when you supported it when it was submitted to the European Parliament, didn't you know what the outcome would be?" asked Pafilis. The KKE MP also added that only the Communist Party had then opposed these plans thus receiving-then- the accusations from the New Democracy, PASOK as well as from SYRIZA.

KKE's parliamentary representative Pafilis underlined the fact that the other parties now bring NATO to solve the refugee issue. "You ask from the murderer to solve the problem" he added.

In his speech, Pafilis also highlighted the support of SYRIZA- as well as the ones by PASOK and New Democracy- towards the so-called 'Arab Spring' and the fact that in the past they were refering to organisations such as the 'Islamic State' by calling them 'democratic opposition'. On the same time, SYRIZA, New Democracy and PASOK were supporting the imperialist interventions of NATO and the EU in the broader region, which consequently had as a result the enlargement of the refugee and immigration wave.

Talking about the government's draft law, Thanasis Pafilis pointed out that through this law, the Dublin II regulation comes again into force thus leads to the entrapment of refugees and immigrants in Greece. Pafilis added that the new law, which confirms the recent agreement between Turkey and the EU, will have longtime negative consequences for the people. 

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VIDEO: KKE MP Thanasis Pafilis speech at the Parliament (In Greek)