Sunday, April 24, 2016

'Course to Freedom' or SYRIZA No.3

Mrs. Zoe Konstantopoulou is a well-known person in Greek political affairs. The daughter of Nikos Konstantopoulos, former President of the opportunist 'Synaspismos' (the political ancestor of SYRIZA), has served as an MP for SYRIZA (elected in 2012) as well as Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament (2015). In the elections of September 2015 she was a candidate with Panayiotis Lafazanis' "Popular Unity" (aka SYRIZA No.2). Both Lafazanis and Konstantopoulou are former leading cadres of Synaspismos-later SYRIZA- having served in Tsipras' first government.

Now, Mrs.Konstantopoulou decided to become a party-leader herself. Last Tuesday, she announced her own opportunistic initiative- a party called "Course to Freedom" (Plefsi Eleftherias). As it was expected, the media ran to cover the news about Konstantopoulou's party, proving once again that she is one of Greek media's most favorite political figures.

One of the first things Konstantopoulou did was to attack the KKE; she said: "The KKE, if the system trembles a bit, will run to uphold it so (the system) won't fail and that happened last summer". On that point, in order to blame the KKE and hide the truth, Konstantopoulou is clearly lying. Because while she was fanatically supporting the "NO" vote in Tsipras' fraud referendum and was reassuring the people that SYRIZA wouldn't sign a memorandum of austerity, KKE was stating that "the government in fact calls the people to verify its own proposal towards the lenders, (a proposal) which is the other side of the same coin. (The government) is deceiving the people in order to make them consent to its antipeople plans". Ms.Konstantopoulou, who now personates the political enemy of Alexis Tsipras was then an ally and supporter of his government and the illusions he served to the people. 

Zoe Konstantopoulou served the SYRIZA-ANEL government for 7 months, thus contributing significantly to the peoples' deceiving. From the position of the Hellenic Parliament's Speaker,, Konstantopoulou had rejected KKE's proposals and amendments for the economic relief of lower income families, of the popular strata. Mrs.Konstantopoulou was the one who, in her effort to justify Alexis Tsipras' blatant lie about the supposed "tearing of the memorandums", had said that it was just a "figure of speech" and not an actual intention. Such opportunism, such lies.

Konstantopoulou has no other ambition but to become a new "SYRIZA" in the position of SYRIZA. With a fake radicalism, Konstantopoulou and her new 'Course to Freedom' party consist nothing more and nothing less than political servants of Capitalism; servants of a capitalist Greece under drachma.