Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Down with Erdogan's repression: Solidarity to Turkish communists and Gezi Park protesters

Once again, the government of Rejep Tayyip Erdogan resorts to violent repression against protesters, young men and women who resist his authoritarian regime.

On the 9th anniversary of the Gezi Park protests, known as June Resistance, dozens of people were detained following a police attack against protesters in Taksim, Istanbul. Among the detainees are 16 members of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and its youth. 
The TKP made a statement condemning the police attack against the demonstrators of Taksim Solidarity in Istanbul and asking for the immediate release of all the detained people.

"We are calling out to those who blocked the street starting from the area where the press statement will be made, those who intervened with gas to the public, journalists, and those who gave orders to them: What you have done is a crime, unlawful interventions are never acceptable. These people did not bow to you, don't bend!", the statement reads.

"The June resistance is the resistance of the working people against pillage, reaction, and all kinds of plunder of the order embodied in the AKP. The June resistance is legitimate! The June resistance takes its legitimacy from the working people, women who do not bow to bigotry, and those who take their chests as a shield against those who plunder nature. The June resistance does not fit into 'AKP's Turkey'", the TKP communique stresses out. 

Message of solidarity from the KKE 

As 902 portal reports, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has sent a solidarity message to the TKP and the people of Turkey.

"The KKE condemns the violent repression of protesters by the Erdogan government in Istanbul on the occasaion of the 9th anniversary of the mass popular mobilizations at Gezi Park", the statement of the International Relations Section of the Party reads.

The KKE "expresses its solidarity to the CP of Turkey and the Turkish people who fight for their social and democratic rights" and demands the immediate release of the detained protesters.