Wednesday, January 16, 2019

KKE votes against Tsipras' government and the Prespes Agreement

In its bulletin on the political developments, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) states the following:
“The bargaining of the previous days between Tsipras (SYRIZA) – Kammenos (ANEL) ended in a search for a vote of confidence in the Parliament. This is a development that suits both sides, as it provides the possibility, on the one hand for Mr. Tsipras to save his government, with votes from ANEL parliament members,  and on the other hand, allows  Mr. Kammenos to maintain his Parliamentary Group, appearing to stand up against a policy that he has supported throughout all of the previous period.
Besides, the Prespes Accord, which constituted the catalyst for these political developments, is a key aspect of the totality of American-NATO designs in the region, which both Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kammenos served with great consistency, reaching the point of turning Greece into a vast American-NATO military base. 
The KKE votes against the government and regardless of whatever developments occur in the Parliament with the potential collaborators of Mr. Tsipras, the crucial issue is for the people themselves to vote against this government, because it will continue the same barbarous anti-popular and dangerous policies as a continuation of previous governments.
It is a government that has made concrete commitments to the USA, NATO, Germany, towards the domestic and European powers that be. These commitments – the anti-people restructuring and the support of Euro-Atlantic plans – are to be completed by the elections, and for this reason all of the above are the first to give a “vote of confidence” to the SYRIZA government, just as Trump did previously, and now Chancellor Merkel.
As much as the government 'baptizes' the Prespes Accord as 'progressive', in reality it is completely different.
The USA , NATO, and the EU wanted to impose the Prespes Accord iin every possible way in order to promote Euro-Atlantic integration in the Western Balkans and to weaken the influence of other centers, such as Russia, etc.
These forces and the murderous imperialist unions that shed blood in the Balkans and sharpen the nationalist divisions, redefining the borders with the blood of the peoples, cannot be guarantors of peace and security. Nor can they be protectors of the sovereign rights of the country, as the history of Greek Turkish differences shows. For this reason even within the Prespes Accord, the germs of irredentism are preserved, in order to constitute a continual 'source' of destabilization depending on what the interests of the powerful declare at each point.
For these reasons the KKE votes against the Tsipra – Zaev Accord and defends the solidarity and the common struggle of the peoples against the designs of the USA and of NATO.
These plans are not disputed by ND, nor by those who 'fish in the blurry waters' of nationalism and fascism, playing the game of the imperialists in both Greece and FYROM.
The governmental propaganda on “positive measures” that are to be implemented during the rest of the governing period, meaning the ''crumbs of humanitarianism” are dust thrown in the eyes of the people. Even those would not be given if if weren't for the struggles of the workers' – popular movements, with the decisive contribution of the KKE. These measures however, neither heal the wounds of the memorandums, as the government claims, nor do they hinder the further deepening of these wounds. It is nothing but the return of a minimal part of the immense thievery at the expense of the people, that continues to escalate. Moreover, this demonstrates the preservation of the memorandum laws, the bloody surpluses, the intensification of tax robbery, the generalization of part-time employment, the restriction of the protection of  primary residences and the acceleration of the foreclosure process, the new privileges handed over to big capital, etc. For this reason we call them crumbs; because they disappear before they're even handed out.
The SYRIZA government as well as ND and the other parties consistently serve this policy. There common denominator is their dedication to the goal of capitalist profitability that demands the sacrifice of  labor – popular rights. They try to hide their strategic convergence, projecting outdated false dualities and dilemmas, such as “progress – preservation”, since the alleged “progressive” front of Mr. Tsipras includes persons who in previous years were distinguished as leading ministers and officials in the ND and PASOK governments, with rich anti-people “successes”. While some others were leaders of his own party (SYN/SYRIZA), who wandered into PASOK, POTAMI, DIMAR just to end up once again in the SYRIZA of amorality, of adventurism and memorandum policies.
Recent developments, with the transfers of parliament members from the one party to the other and the reshuffling of the political scene, reveal, beyond the adventurism of some, that the differences between the bourgeois parties are so small, their convergences so great, that jumping from one party to another is at this point extremely easy.
If one just looks at the composition of the Parliament, of the 300 parliament members these 4 years, one can confirm that the only stable party is the KKE. And this is one further criteria that the people must take into account in the next elections.
The real dilemma from the standpoint of the Greek people and their interests is: Will we continue on the same road, that has proven to bring new suffering and destruction, or will we go on the counter-attack massively and dynamically everywhere, so that this rotten exploitative system changes radically once and for all?
The Greek people must not search for slight differences between the parties of the same cloth, but, they should make a real “difference”, with a more powerful KKE. To strengthen the fight-back, hope, the goal of radical overthrow.”