Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Worker killed on AEK stadium construction site - Another employer's crime in Greece

AEK stadium construction site in west Athens.
A 60 year old worker was killed today at the construction site of the AEK FC new stadium in west Athens. The worker, who was a welder, fell from a high height resulting in fatal injury. 

It must be noted that the man, alongside his fellow workers, were forced to work in dangerous posts, under extremely bad weather conditions. 

When the tragic incident became known, members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) rushed to the construction site in order to be informed about the circumstances of the death and to express their solidarity to the workers. 

Among them was Yannis Protoulis, member of the Politburo and candidate governor of Attica, Nikos Seretakis, candidate mayor of Nea Filadelfia-Nea Halkidona, as well as representatives of the Athens Union of Construction Workers. 

In a statement released today, the CC of the KKE denounces the new employer's crime that took place at the construction site of AEK stadium and expresses condolences to to family of the worker. As the KKE points out "this incident is added to the long list of 'occupational accidents' which, according to data issued by SEPE (Hellenic Labour Inspectorate), have surpassed any previous record". 

"This is the 'new era' of the supposed fair developments and the end of memorandums of the SYRIZA-ANEL government which, in front of the highest possible profit of business groups, does not even care for the life of the workers. It is synonymous of labor's intensificaton, ultra-exploitation, absense of control and security measures in workplaces and strengthening of employee's impunity" writes the KKE statement. 

"The workers - says the Communist Party of Greece - must make not make a single step back from their needs, for labour and life with dignity, for modern security measures and working rights".