Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Berlin: Thousands marched in honor of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

Thousands of workers, members and supporters of communist and left parties, marched on Sunday 12 January in Berlin, honoring the memory of the leaders of the German and international communist movement, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

The two revolutionaries were brutally murdered 101 years ago, in January 1919, by paramilitary forces under the orders of the German bourgeoisie and the then social democratic government of SPD. 

Members and supporters of various communist parties, including the KKE, the German Communist Party (DKP), the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and the Communist Party of Poland (KPP), marched through Frankfurter Allee in the eastern side of Berlin and reached the memorial which is dedicated to numerous personalities of the German and international workers' movement, to the slained workers of the 1918 Revolution, the International Brigades and those who sacrificed themselves in the fight against fascism.