Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Communist Party of Greece: Statement about Mitsotakis-Trump meeting in Washington DC

In a statement issued today, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) labels yesterday's meeting between Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House an "official and resounding bankruptcy of the policy of the parties of Euro-Atlanticism". 

More specifically, the statement which published on 902 portal, points out the following: 

"The Trump-Mitsotakis meeting was the official and resounding bankruptcy of the policy of the parties of Euro-Atlanticism, which say that the supposed protection of the country's sovereign rights passes through the backing of the dangerous US-NATO plans. It was the official and resounding bankruptcy of the complacency tactics, cultivated by both the previous government of SYRIZA and the current one of New Democracy, regarding the powerful so-called “allies” who would be a shield for Turkish aggression.

The decorative presence of the Greek Prime Minister by the side of Trump's war threats against Iran is indicative of the role reserved for Greece by the US, as a base for the implementation of their plans in the broader region. 

At the same time, the defeaning silence- once again- of an American president towards Turkey's aggression shows that what they care about is not to disturb NATO's cohesion, in a period when the competititions are escalating and the dangers of a war are rising. This the policy which leads, with mathematical precision, to co-management in East Mediterranean under the supervision of the Americans. 

ND and SYRIZA, with the support of KINAL, proceeded to the dangerous “defense” agreement between Greece and USA for the expansion of the foreign bases in Greece. They upgraded the military cooperation with Israel. They moved towards energy agreements which will have no benefit for the Greek people and without having previously proclaim the EEZ. Their only criterion is the paritipation of the domestic capital in the division that is taking place in the region, with the exploitation and the blood of the people. 

In fact, it is a common foreign policy which today reveals even more the immense dangers for the Greek people. 

That is why the criticism of the other parties towards ND government is not about the essence of Greece's involvement in the imperialist plans, with which they agree, but about the kind and the adequacy of the exchanges it has secured, something that has never really been done to date for no issue, especially for Greece's sovereign rights.

The developments are very worrying and the KKE has long been warning, while the Greek governments were fooling the Greek people, reassuring about the stance of the US. SYRIZA had even a leading role in the whitewashing of american imperialism. The recent incidents in the Middle East, the threats against Iran and the danger of a generalized ignition, with Greece's participation, are a confirmation of this. 
Now, the people's struggle must be intensified:

For the cancellation of the Greek-US agreement and the closure of the Souda base and all US-NATO bases in Greece.

So that our country will not be used as a base or bridge of military interventions. For Greece's disengagement from NATO and the EU.

To stop every military cooperation with the state-terrorist of Israel. 

To strengthen solidarity with other people against imperialist plans and organizations."