Friday, January 3, 2020

Turkey's Communist Party slams Erdogan's warmongering plans in Libya

In a statement issued today, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) condemns the warmongering plans of Tayyip Erdogan's government in Libya

More specifically, the TKP statement refers to the recent adoption of a bill by the Turkish Parliament which gives the green light to Erdogan to deploy troops in Libya.

TKP called for the cancellation of this recent bill and those which proceeded it and called on all armed forces in the territory of other countries' lands to return to the country.

The full statement published in soL news portal is as follows:

The bill authorizing the President to send troops to Libya passed through Parliament. This result does not surprise anyone; the Turkish Parliament is already acting as a notary public, not as the decision-making body of the representatives of the people.

And now, again, a bill is ready to send our soldiers, for whom the imperialists priced "23 cents", to Libya, this time to fight alongside the jihadists.

For what?

The reason for trying to settle onto the land that has been devastated, broken into pieces, and seized by jihadists and imperialists like vultures is evident: The capitalists seek to obtain new resources, the government seeks new trump cards.

The neo-Ottomanism maneuvers that AKP has tried in new regions have been putting its own people and the peoples of the region in danger. With this bill, the Turkish government has escalated the tension in order to make the Mediterranean a region of wars of redistribution.

The result of the opportunistic and aggressive foreign policies will mean greater threats, poverty, and losses of lives for our people. Syria is the most recent example of this. Nobody has the right to make our people experience other massacres.

This bill and those which preceded it must be canceled immediately and all armed forces in the territory of other countries' lands must return to the country.

Communist Party of Turkey
Central Committee