Thursday, January 2, 2020

EastMed pipeline deal only brings new dangers for the people — Statement by the KKE

The EastMed pipeline deal signed between Greece, Cyprus and Israel "only brings new dangers for the people" points out the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in a statement issued earlier today. 

The KKE highlights the fact that the agreement over the gas pipeline, which was signed in Athens by Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Cyprus' President Nikos Anastasiades, has no relation with the actual interests of the region's peoples but on the contrary it consists part of the imperialist plans in East Mediterranean. 

More specifically, in the statement which was published on 902 portal, the KKE stresses out the following:

“The agreement between the governments of Greece- Israel-Cyprus and possibly with the addition of Italy, under the supervision of the US, over the “EastMed” pipeline for the transportation of natural gas from East Mediterranean to Europe, serves the energy giants and the imperialist plans and has no relation with the interests of our people and the other people in the region”.

The governmental actions, which are taking place in the name of dealing with Turkey's unacceptable demands in East Mediterranean, complicate even further the already tense situation that puts the country and the people in big adventures. They implicate our country even deeper in the atlantic plans for the reduction of EU and Western Balkans' dependence on Russian gas, within the “energy war” of the USA and Russia and Germany which takes place on european soil. They also implicate our country in the conflicts of Israel with Lebanon and the Palestinian Authorities over sovereign rights in East Mediterranean. 

We also point out that the government of ND, following identically SYRIZA's unacceptable policy, ia making an agreement without preceding the proclamation of the EEZ, a move that is part of the policy of promoting co-exploitation through the Hague arbitration.

The misleading complacency effort by the government and the other bourgeois parties must not pass".

The statement of the KKE also writes:

"Greece's participation in one or the other energy pipeline, on behalf of large business groups and geostrategic aspirations, neither brought nor will bring benefits for the working people, as the participation in the TAP pipeline has shown. The beneficiaries will be the large groups which will be involved in the construction and management of the pipleone. The people, who are already paying many energy “taxes”, will continue experiencing energy poverty, paying for their needs. The risks for the marine environment by the mining and transport plans are already a matter of concern for Justice in countries, such as in Israel. 

The alliances set up with Israel, Egypt, Cyprus or other states, with the participation of the US and France, set the ground for the escalation of Turkish aggression in a “race” of the big interests. The strengthening of US presence in East Mediterranean, which is also promoted by the US law “East Med Act”, fuels the vicious circle of imperialist competitions. 

The developments of the past period, from Cyprus to Libya, are instructive for anyone who still believes that Greece's siding with the imperialist plans of the US and Israel can be a shield for the protection of peace and sovereign rights against the aggression of the Turkish bourgeoisie. 

The “East Med” deal is part of Mr Mitsotakis' “dowry” in his US trip, for the meeting with Trump that leads to new dangerous commitments in the service of the US-NATO imperialism, as it was proved during the SYRIZA government with the Greek-US agreement for the bases which transforms Greece into a war base and a military target in a possible general armed confrontation in the region.

The people need to draw the right conclusions and, alongside the KKE to strengthen their struggle against the anti-people policy that gives everything to the capital, abolishing rights and engaging the country in imperialist plans, in order to form thein conditions to become the owners of wealth they produce and to utilize the energy source for their own needs”.