Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Royal parasites and capitalism

“Megxit” has become the new favourite top story of the bourgeois media in Britain and the world these days. 

Bombastic headlines, thousands of articles and analysis are dedicated to the announcement of Prince Harry and his wife, the Dutchess of Sussex, to “step back” from their roles as senior members of the British royal family. 

However, behind the flamboyant image that the media have created for the parasites of monarchy, there is the rottenness of an entire system. Behind Buckingham Palace and the fairytales of the royalties, there is a whole country which lives in the dark reality of capitalist barbarity – this is the Britain of the poor popular strata, the Britain of the working class, of the families who are struggling, every single day, for bread and butter. 

Today in 2020, while the royal remnants of feudalism are perpetuating their parasitic existence by living luxurious lives and costing millions of pounds to taxpayers, approximately 14.5 million Britons – more than ¼ of the country's population – live in poverty. About 4.6 million of them are children. 

While the personal wealth of Queen Elizabeth II amounts to $530 million and the total assets of the British royal family reaches $88 billion, more than 4 million people in the UK live below the poverty line, with less than £5 per day! 

While the bourgeois media are busy searching about Prince Harry and Meghan's alternative sources of funding, around 320,000 people in the UK are homeless (“Shelter”, 2019), a number which is 165% higher than ten years ago! During the recent Christmas period, 135,000 children in the country were either completely homeless or stayed in temporary accommodation ("The Guardian"). According to a report by “Shelter”, about 88,000 children were homeless or in temporary accommodation in London at the beginning of 2019, equivalent to 1 in every 24 children! 

The above are taking place in the UK where the six richest persons control as much wealth (£39.4 billion) as the poorest 13 million (“Equality Trust”). This is the capitalist reality in a country where a handful of royal parasites, descendants of the historically outdated monarchy, seem to be far more significant than the millions of their poor and exploited co-patriots. 

While the media pay so much attention to Buckingham's microcosm, they intentionally ignore the real society, where poverty, exploitation and inequality triumph. Of course, this is not accidental. On the contrary, the media hype about the royal family is part of the organized effort to disorient the masses and the youth from the actual problems and the existing class oppression.

This situation will be perpetuating, until the people understand their own power and send all parasites – capitalists, kings and their praetorians – to where they actually belong: The dustbin of History.