Friday, November 15, 2019

"The EU is the flag-bearer of anti-communism and history's distortion" — KKE MEPs

In a statement published in Rizospastis, the Communist Party of Greece group in the European Parliament denounces another anti-communist event organized at the EU Parliament's Plenary for the Berlin Wall fall anniversary, with the major speaker being the President of the German Parliament (Bundestag) Wolfgang Schäuble

The statement reads: "The anti-communist fiesta organized for the Berlin Wall fall, with a speech by Schauble at the Plenary of the EU Parliament in Brussels, confirms the role of the EU as a "standard-bearer" of anti-communist and history's distortion. Once again, the imperialists distort history and the truth. The Wall was the result of the intervention and aggression of the imperialists, of the continuous subversion against the German Democratic Republic (GDR). 

Behind the slogans for "freedom and democracy" they hide that the only ones who were actually "liberated" after the counterrevolutionary events of 1989-91 were the capitalists and their business groups which have gone wild to this day, imposing the slavery of capitalist exploitation, the jungle of elastic labour relations, a life without rights".

The statement continues: 

"The EU and her governments, the supposedly being "defenders of freedom", cut off the right to strike, to demonstrate, seeking to impose "dead silence" in labour places under the boot of employer terrorism. They ban Communist Parties and their symbols. They talk about the methods of spying in the GDR while they themselves promote the mass electronic profiling, the generalized, even preemptive eavesdropping of everyone.

Their bourgeois democracy operates in favor of the minority of exploiters; it consists a dictatorship of the capital. 

Archive photo: KKE protest against
anti-communist distortion of history.
The truth is that the fall of the Berlin Wall raised more invinsible "class walls" for the people who saw their living standard being dramatically deteriorated all these years. The EU and her governments of the 100 million poor people, 20 million unemployed, 5 million homeless ones, hide that in socialism the word "unemployment" didn't even exist and that the people had vested rights in labor, home, free Education and Health. Despite the inefficiencies, the achievements of socialism consist to this day a relentless and imperishable comparable size for capitalist barbarity; hence there is a nostalgy by the people for what they had and lost.

Their deplorable anti-communist propaganda, also with the recent despicable motion of the European Parliament, mainly targets the young generation and shows that independently by the current negative for the people correlation of forces, the bourgeoisie is living with one fear... The one of the new world, of socialism, without poverty, unemployment, crises, the beginning of the wars' end. 

Anti-communism, the provocative equation of communism with the monster of fascism, the distortion of history, shall not pass. History can't be re-written with resolutions. History will be written again by the people themselves, with their decisive, uncompromising struggle, so  that they will become masters of their wealth.