Monday, November 11, 2019

KKE slams Greek Defense Minister's abhorrent and provocative remarks

In a statement regarding the declarations of Minister of National Defense Nikos Panagiotopoulos, who on Thursday, inaugurating the Conference on Ground Forces at the Evelpidon Military School, reassured the commander of the United States Army Europe, Lieutenant-General Chr. Cavoli that “we will shed our blood and in the future, at the side of the USA”, the Press Bureau of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) noted the following:
“Only abhorrent and provocative can yesterday’s statements by Defense Minister N. Panagiotopoulos be seen, which were directed to the commander of the ground forces of the USA in Europe, where he stressed that “we fought alongside the USA, our men shed their blood next to American soldiers in the wars we participated in, and that will happen again in the future.”!
It highlights in the most blatant way what the involvement of Greece in the dangerous plans of NATO – USA – EU for the interests of the Greek bourgeoisie means for our people, especially our soldiers and the Armed Forces personnel that they will bleed for imperialist designs.
It means that the Greek government is capable of going so far as to participate in new “Koreas” and imperialist campaigns to realize its aim of geostrategic upgrading, that is, the upgrading of the interests of the monopolies of the country.
The entanglement of active participation in the designs of the USA-NATO that was opened by the previous government continues to be unwound by the ND government, throwing workers and the youth on the pyre. The ND government continues, desiring to surpass the ‘bar’ of Greek involvement in the plans of the USA – NATO, a ‘bar’ that was already set very high by the SYRIZA government.
For this reason, the struggle must be strengthened:
  • Against the Agreement on military cooperation between the USA and Greece.
  • For the immediate disengagement of Greece from imperialist designs and interventions
  • To close all foreign military bases in our country. For the military weapons of the USA to not be transferred to Araxo or elsewhere.
  • For all personnel of the Armed Forces that are serving in missions of the USA – NATO outside our borders to return.
  • For disengagement from NATO and the EU, with the people masters of their homeland.”