Saturday, April 14, 2018



With today’s attack in Syria, the USA, Britain and France, with the support and tolerance of the rest of the NATO and EU member-states, are making the peoples of the region once again to bleed, they destroy and dismember states, utilizing fabricated proof and pretexts. Their real objective is to control the wealth-producing resources, the energy routes, the spheres of influence. This objective puts them in confrontation with other powerful capitalist states and regional powers, with governments that are not of their liking, because the serve competitive plans.

The exacerbation of the competitions, in combination with the great concentration of fighting military forces in the area, brings the danger of a generalized imperialist war closer, with unknown consequences for the peoples of the region, as well as for the peoples of all the world. It will further increase the waves of refugees and uprooted people, for whom the perpetrators – governments and imperialist organizations – are shedding crocodile tears.

Once again, it is reaffirmed that imperialist war is a way-out, when the rotten system of exploitation and of profit cannot resolve its massive dead-ends in a different way – with commercial “wars” and anti-peoples measures. It is the continuation of the politics that condemns the peoples in poverty and misery.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government has great responsibilities, because it implicates our country deeper in this massacre, on the account of the Greek capital, that is claiming its participation in the distribution of the loot and of the market shares. It is continuing the politics of the previous governments of ND and PASOK. It plays the role of flag-bearer of NATO in the region. It has transformed our country in NATO safe haven, has moved on the upgrading and expansion of the US-NATO bases in Greece. It cooperates militarily with states-killers such as Israel. It systematically tries to embellish American and European imperialism.

The claim that in that way the sovereignty of Greece is fortified comprises a huge lie, taking into account the unsteady situation of the relations between Turkey and NATO. Moreover, the exacerbation of the Turkish aggressiveness and provocations are part of the general developments in the region. Turkey is bartering its relations with NATO, and with Russia, to push forward the interests of its bourgeois class.

NATO and the EU are factors of insecurity, destabilization and border change. NATO does not recognize the borders in the Aegean sea. They do not care for the peoples and for their sovereign rights. They only care about the promotion of their own interests. This has been proved many times in history. The governmental policy of the so-called “geostrategical upgrading” does only one thing: increases the dangers for the Greek people and the possibilities of its implication in a generalized imperialist war.

Now is the time to rise up. Our people has paid and continues to pay a great price for the recuperation of the capital’s profits. We must not pay again in new adventures and great risks the capitalist profitability, since that is what they aim for through interventions and wars.

Now is the time to reinforce our struggle against imperialist war, in order to close down the Souda military base and all foreign military bases in Greece, for the Greek troops to return from their missions abroad, for the disentanglement of our country from NATO and the EU.

Their is nothing to divide amongst the people. With our solidarity and common struggle let’s raise a wall against the plans of the imperialists, put in our cross-hair the rotten system that gives birth to poverty, crises, wars.

On Saturday, April 14th, KKE’s Party Organization in Attica Region is organizing a rally at Syntagma Square at 18:30 hrs. D. Koutsoumbas, SG of the CC of the KKE will speak. The demonstration will be heading to the US embassy.