Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rizospastis: "No trust in the bourgeois class and her governments at all"

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras (Right) with Defense Minister
Panos Kammenos, dressed in military uniforms during an
exercise of the Greek Armed Forces.
No trust in the bourgeois class and her governments.

Abstract from "Rizospastis
(7-8 April 2018, p.9).

While the country's involvement in the US-NATO-EU plans in the region grows, so it happens with the effort of the bourgeois class, of her staff and parties to “call up” the people in the dangerous plans, to “prepare the ground” for the possibility of fast developments, even of a war engagement, interchanging the dangerous complacency and the placement of hope to the imperialist unions with ultrapatriotic rhetoric and the people's “psychological” preparation.

The people must show no trust at all in the bourgeois class and her governments, (and) to the calls for “enlistment” in the aims of the capital, either in conditions of imperialist “peace” with the gun to the people's head or in the prospect of a military engagement, which consists an extention of these competitions.

There is no relation between the defense of the [country's] territorial integrity and sovereign rights with the interests of the business groups, the imperialist competitions for the share of the region's energy wealth, the routes of energy and goods, markets and spheres of influence.

On the contrary, it is those interests and competitions where the government fully participates, on behalf of the bourgeoisie, which consists source of great dangers, which become magnet of imperialist confrontations thus leading to border changing plans, international treaties and people's bloodshed. The participation in the imperialist unions, in the unions of the capital, means actual challenge of these rights and a source of great dangers- and not, of course, a source of security.

The working people, the popular strata, must decisively respond to this treacherous effort, which through calls about a supposed “national unity” seeks to subordinate the working class, the people, in the plans of the capital and the ones of the USA-NATO.

[The people must respond by] strengthening the struggle against the imperialist war, against the multifaceted involvement in the USA-NATO plans that smell “gunpowder”. By strengthening the struggle for the country's disengagement from NATO-EU, for the closure of the bases and the foreign military headquarters, for the immediate return of all army staff and soldiers from missions abroad.

The people must join the KKE, which sets in the working class the task to draw her own struggle, alongside the other popular strata and their mass movement, in order to defend the country's territorial integrity, but also for the victorious emergence of the people against the capitalist power of exploitation and wars.