Sunday, October 16, 2022

KKE: The images of naked refugees on Greek-Turkish border expose capitalist barbarity

Greek border guards and officers of EU border agency Frontex found 92 unclothed migrants from the banks of the river Evros, on the northeastern border with Turkey on Friday, Greece's Citizen Protection Ministry said on Saturday.

The migrants “had been abandoned completely naked and without any equipment,” the ministry said. 
 In a statement about the incident, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued the following statement (here in Greek): 
"The tragic images of refugees in Evros have no end. The new episode, with the discovery of 92 naked refugees in a riverside area of Evros, near Feres, exposes this inhumane system which on one hand creates waves of uprooted people through exploitation and imperialist wars, while on the other uses them as tools of enrichment or as pawns in the geopolitical plans of each bourgeois class, according to its interests. Like the Turkish bourgeois class does with the instrumentalization of the uprooted people in order to promote claims against the sovereign rights of our country.

No one should allow the horror images of capitalist barbarity, like those in Evros, or in Paxi with the 88 refugees and immigrants with 20 children among them, to become “normality”. The crocodile tears of the government do not convince anyone. In Evros, in the Aegean and the Mediterranean as a whole, EU policy which has been supported by all the Greek governments, has collapsed.

But as evidenced by the recent conference of the EU Mediterranean countries, which is the notorious supposedly “progressive” group of MED 5, they continue the same policy. The people cannot expect a change of the situation from those who proceed in the same way and try to convince that this will bring other “better” results, in the name of the so-called “european solidarity”.

The struggle of the people against the imperialist war and exploitation must be now strengthened and immediate measures for the protection of the uprooted ones must be taken, as the KKE has repeatedly proposed: To abolish the EU-Turkey Joint Agreement here and now. To ensure the rights of the refugees in asylum and their right to travel to the countries of their actual destination, with Asylum Committees in Turkey under the responsibility of the EU and the UN”.