Thursday, October 27, 2022

Poland's shameful attempt to erase historical memory - Four Red Army memorials demolished

It's been a long time since the authorities of Poland began their attempt to erase historical memory, by slandering socialism-communism and destroying Soviet-era monuments. In this effort, the bourgeois authorities don't hesitate to demolish memorials dedicated to the heroic Red Army soldiers who fought against the monster of Nazism in the Second World War. 

On Thursday, within the framework of Russo-phobia and in an attempt to equate capitalist Russia with the Soviet Union, four more monuments in different locations across Poland were destroyed. 

More specifically the demolition works took place in  towns of Glubczyce, Byczyna, Bobolice and Staszow.

A key role in this hideous distortion of history plays the so-called "Institute of National Remembrance", a body that is committed to promote anti-communism by falsifying historical facts. Talking to the media, the head of the Institute, Karol Nawrocki, tried to justify the shameful destruction of the memorials by parroting known anti-communist lies.

He claimed that the monuments represented a system that was guilty of enslaving and murdering its own people and other nations, including Poles. "This is a monument to disgrace, a monument of contempt of the winners over the victims," Nawrocki said, speaking in the southern town of Glubczyce. “In 1945 the Soviets did not bring liberation, they brought another captivity,” he added. “They were capturing Poland and treating it as booty.” 

A few months ago, Latvia and Estonia removed Soviet-era memorials using the same false pretexts, including their "indignation" for the imperialist war in Ukraine. It is also reminded that in Poland, as well as the in the Baltic countries, the Communist Parties and their symbols (sickle and hammer) have been banned. This is their "liberal democracy"...

For this disgrace against history, the authorities of all these capitalist countries will be held accountable by the people themselves.