Saturday, May 28, 2022

Portuguese Communist Party slams anti-democratic remarks by Ukrainian associations

In what seems to be a blatant intervention in the internal affairs of Portugal, the president of an association of Ukrainian refugees (Refugiados Ucranianos) proceeded to unacceptable remarks against the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP).

Speaking during an event in Lisbon earlier this month, Maksym Tarkivskyy targeted the PCP over its position in the Russia-Ukraine War, saying that he cannot understand how “a democratic country continues to have a Communist Party”!
Apparently echoing the fiercely anti-communist policy of the Ukrainian government, which has banned any activity of the Communist Party of Ukraine since 2015, Tarkivskyy expressed the wishful thinking of his nationalist and anti-communist compatriots.

In a statement (here in Portuguese) the Portuguese Communist Party condemns the remarks of Tarkivskyy as “statements of fascist hatred” which reveal “the anti-democratic nature of the Kiev government and constitute an intolerable affront to the democratic regime in Portugal”.

The PCP points out that the declarations of the leader of the specific Ukrainian refugee association must not be confused with the whole immigrant community and the Ukrainian refugees with whom the PCP stands in solidarity.

The Communist Party also underlined that such statements are indicative of the total disrespect for democracy and freedom that has long been established in Ukraine and called the democratic and sovereign forces of Portugal to condemn them.