Monday, May 16, 2022

Sweden's Communist Party slams Social Democrats over NATO bid

The Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) condemn the decision of the ruling Social Democratic Party to back the country's membership in NATO. In a comment published in SKP's official gazette “Riktpunkt”, the Communists remind that by accepting Sweden's accession to the North Atlantic imperialist alliance, the Social Democrats actually violate the decisions of their own Congress.

On Sunday, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced that Stockholm will seek broad support for an application to join NATO, after her party dropped its long-standing opposition to membership. 

SKP reminds that in November 2021, the Congress of the Social Democratic Party included the following reference:

“The military non-alignment is a foundation of Sweden's security policy and, together with our increased military capabilities and the deepening of international cooperation, it contributes to security and stability in our neighborhood. It gives us the freedom to act in the best way that serves detente, peaceful development and secures our independence in foreign policy. Therefore, Sweden should not join NATO”.

The Communist Party underlines that this policy reversal by the Social Democrats is related to the aspirations of Swedish capital to secure its sphere of interest and defend its investments abroad. “It is inevitable that the contradictions within the entire capitalist-imperialist system are intensifying and each country's capital seek the most profitable investments and the best conditions for its growth”, the SKP notes.

The Communist Party adds: “Of course, the security policy situation has changed. The Swedish investments abroad are now more threatened than 10 years ago because the contradictions have been sharpened. That is why Swedish politicians act to defend their own investments and they cannot do it by themselves. So, it's pretty simple: When the capital calls, congressional decisions mean nothing”. 


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