Thursday, April 2, 2020

54 Communist Youths issue joint declaration on Covid-19 pandemic, blast capitalism's injustice

In a joint declaration, 54 Communist Youth organizations from all over the world demand immediate measures for the protection of public health, workers and the youth in face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As 902 portal reported, the joint declaration began as an initiative of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and was co-formed with the participation of many Communist Youths. The text addresses the young men and women of the world, sending a message of struggle, solidarity and optimism: “During these difficult times, the Communist Youths are here! We say it clearly: We can win! Nobody stays alone – Now it’s the time of solidarity – We will get through it together!”. 

Among other things, the joint declaration refers to the serious shortages of the public healthcare systems “due to the policies implemented in favor of the commercialization of Healthcare, of capitalist profits”. It also points out that the capitalists shift the burden on the working people’s shoulders, through layoffs, cuts in wages and other anti-worker measures.

“Even the scientific efforts to find the vaccine for Covid-19 has been a matter of competitions between the imperialists who are ruthless. Capitalist anarchy in production does not satisfy fundamental human needs”, writes the declaration. 

The Communist Youths extend their gratitude to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who are fighting against the pandemic despite the shortages and the difficulties, express their solidarity to those affected by the virus and salute the countries which have a leading role in internationalist solidarity, such as China, Cuba and Russia. 

The joint declaration also reads: “We are fighting against Covid-19 and, at the same time, against injustice, as well as against those who utilize the virus in order to expand injustice. We are fighting a world system, capitalism, which after shifting the burden of capitalist economic crisis on the shoulders of workers and the youth, it asks from us to pay again”.

“It is once again proved – the declaration reads – that socialism is necessary and timely, it can guarantee Primary Healthcare and prevention, hospitals, medical and nursing staff, medicines, laboratories, exams, thus satisfying people’s rights and needs”. 

The Communist Youths proclaim: “We, the young men and women, are wearing masks in order to protect others and ourselves from the virus, but we aren’t lowering the voice of our demands!”. 

The joint declaration includes demands such as the strengthening of the public healthcare system in all countries with state funding, the implementation of all the needed protection measures, the protection of the workers’ rights, the termination of sanctions and economic blockades, the end of imperialist interventions and military drills such as the ones organized by NATO.