Saturday, December 28, 2019

KKE calls the people to condemn the “criminal” Greek-US agreement on military bases

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on Friday issued a statement in which it sharply criticizes the  conservative government of New Democracy (ND) for "tabling in Parliament, on Christmas Eve, the Greece-US Agreement for expansion of military bases that was signed in October 2018 following the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Athens, in the framework of the 'Strategic Dialogue' began by the SYRIZA government."

In the statement published on “Rizospastis”, the KKE calls the agreement “a criminal one”, pointing out that the deal "will allow the United States to keep and operate military and related structures within Greek armed forces facilities."

The KKE blasts the US and NATO for their role in the region, charging them with "seeing the Aegean as a single operational space, and preparing along with the European Commission plans to divvy up and jointly exploit Greek seas, violating sovereign rights."

KKE also criticized the previous government of SYRIZA of setting up US military bases that play into American and NATO regional interests and ultimately endanger Greece.

These bases "bear no relation to the protection and security of Greece," KKE said. "On the contrary, they turn the country into a base of war operations and interventions to promote their imperialist plans. Greece is becoming a magnet of possible attacks, as Russian and Iranian armed forces have warned they will direct their missiles to countries hosting American bases, if their countries are threatened."

The Communist Party also stresses out that "Turkey is a NATO force and with this status escalates her aggression in the Aegean and East Mediterranean, questions and violates the borders". 

In the statement the KKE calls the workers-people's movement to mobilizations, in order to condemn the Greek-US agreement, to remove the “bases of death” from the country, to demand the non-participation of Greek Armed Forces in imperialist missions abroad and the disengagement of Greece from the wolf-pack alliances of NATO and the EU.