Friday, November 16, 2018

Greek soldier: "The bloodstained NATO flag is a disgrace for our Navy"

The advanced involvement of the Greek Armed Forces in NATO's imperialist missions and plans has led to multiple reactions within the ranks of soldiers who have publicly denounced the participation of Greece in NATO's drills. 

A month ago, Greek Navy conscripts had publicly protested the participation of Greek ships in NATO's military exercises. This time, Stavros Papadakis, member of the "Navarinon" frigate, officially reported his strong disagreement for the involvement of the frigate in the so-called "Sea Guardian" maritime security operation of NATO in the Mediterranean Sea.

Talking to "Rizospastis" newspaper, the Navy conscript said: "The bloodstained NATO flag is a disgrace for the Greek fleet. The murderers of the people of the Balkans and the Middle East are acting like the policemen of our neighborhood. The "Navarinon" frigate has no job to participate in such missions".

The stance of seaman Papadakis, as well as other Greek soldiers, has been hailed by trade unionists, members of the Greek anti-imperialist movement, as well as retired officers. 

In a statement, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) hails the just protest of Stavros pointing out that "such a stance expresses the timeless demand of the workers-peoples' movement against the involvement of the Greek Armed Forces in the slaughterhouses set by NATO-USA-EU, a decision which bears the signature of the SYRIZA-ANEL government". 

KNE calls the Greek youth, the students of the country, to express their support to Stavros Papadakis and the conscripts who are fighting against Greece's involvement in the dangerous imperialist plans.