Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Greek Navy conscripts stand up against NATO: "There is no place for NATO in Greece"

"The bloodstained NATO symbols are a disgrace for the ships of the Greek fleet" says a conscript at the Greek Navy, expressing his strong protest for the participation of Greek ships in NATO's military exercises. 

Conscripts who are serving their military service at the Greek Navy denounce the decision of the SYRIZA-ANEL government to involve Greece's Armed Forces even deeper in NATO's imperialist plans.

According to the weekend edition (20-21 October) of "Rizospastis" newspaper, conscripts from the frigate "Navarinon" and fast attack missile craft HS "Ritsos" protest the participation of their ships in NATO drills. HS "Ritsos" seaman Ilias B. has said:

"The involvement of our country in the criminal plans of NATO, the war rehearsals, the NATO drills and missions aim at defending the interests of the US and the EU against their competitors. They aren't related to the interests of the Greek people. The country has been transformed into an endless US base, a stronghold of wars and a magnet of possible attacks. 

I express my protest for the disposal of the ship I serve, of the fleet and broader of the Greek Armed Forces in the service of NATO. 

The flag of NATO does not belong to any Greek ship. I ask:

- The return of all ships of the fleet back to Greece.
- No participation in NATO military exercises and missions.
- The closure of US-NATO bases.
- Greece's disengegament from NATO."

Another Greek Navy conscript, Stavros P., member of the "Navarino" frigate crew, said:

"NATO murders. It redraws borders and spheres of influence with the blood of the people. Greece has been transformed in a huge american base; into US' "unsinkable" aircraft carrier in the Balkans and East Mediterranean. The interests that NATO and the US are serving have no relation with those of the Greek people. On the contrary, they implicate us in their murderous attacks and war rehearsals. They turn our country into a target. The bloodstained NATO symbols are a disgrace for the ships of the Greek fleet".

The stance of these brave conscripts-seamen of the Greek Navy consists a powerful message to the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government which has become the standard-bearer of the US-NATO interests in the broader region.