Friday, November 23, 2018

Hands off the DSE memorial in Dziwnów - New anticommunist provocation in Poland

The memorial with the plaque dedicated to the heroes of the
DSE in Dziwnowie. 
The anti-communist frenzy in Poland continues through the application of the reactionary "decommunization" laws which have been established by the bourgeois governments with the support of the European Union. A month ago, we had reported the demolition by polish authorities of a memorial dedicated to Soviet Red Army soldiers in Warsaw.

The latest incident in the series of anticommunist hysteria is taking place in the town of Dziwnów, where there is a monument in honor of the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE)*. More specifically, the monument pays tribute to wounded fighters of the Democratic Army of Greece who had been treated in a special military hospital especially founded by the Polish People's Republic. The fighters subsquently succumbed to their wounds and were buried in Dziwnów. The monument was built by polish soldiers during the socialist era.

In a letter addressed to the Greek Community of Poland last October, the so-called "Institute of National Remembrance- – Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation" (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej – Komisja Ścigania Zbrodni przeciwko Narodowi Polskiemu) informed that the authorities will proceed to the replacement of the monument's plaque which refers to the fallen heroes of the DSE. For this hideous act, the Institute invoked a law of 2016 which forbids the existence of names that refer to communism "or any other totalitarian system" in public places!

In its letter, the "Institute of National Remembrance" unfolds anticommunist slanders against the Democratic Army of Greece, demanding the replacement of the plaque because it refers to "the memory of the fighters for a Democratic Greece". Without shame, the Institute argues among other things that "the DSE fought for the installment of a dictatorship of the proletariat of soviet version in Greece and not for democracy with the usual meaning of this political system"!

Event organized by Greek and Polish communists
in Dziwnowie back in 2014.
Apparently, for the despicable anticommunists who run Poland's "Institute of National Remembrance" the meaning of democracy is related to the current dictatorship of the capital against the working class. 

This act from the side of the polish authorities consists an act of history's falsification and distortion and an effort to erase from the collective memory the heroic struggle of the Democratic Army of Greece against the Greek bourgeoisie and the US-British imperialists.

Through this stance, the polish government proves once again its nasty anticommunist face as one of the far-right european leaderships which promote the distortion of history and the unscientific and unhistorical equation of communism with nazism. However, no matter how many socialist monuments they will demolish or remove, no matter how much they will spread the poison of nationalism in society, they will not succeed in uprooting the memory and knowledge from the working people! 

* The communist-backed guerrilla army which fought heroically against Greece's bourgeois army and the US-British imperialists during the 1946-1949 civil war.