Thursday, November 8, 2018

U.S. Midterm Elections: The working class trapped between capitalism's dead ends

The “next day” of the November 6th Midterm Elections in the United States finds the working masses of the country trapped between the continuous, sharpening intra-bourgeois confrontation between the two major parties (Republicans and Democrats). 

Once again, the election process proved that the capital is in the driver's seat while the workers and the popular strata remain disempowered and marginalized.

Any change in the correlation of forces between the Democrats and the Republicans in the Senate or the House of Representatives does not change the essense of the situation for the American people. 

The administration under President Trump will continue the pro-monopoly policy, persisting on its growing aggression in foreign policy and escalating the imperialist interventions throughout the world within the competition with other powerful countries, mainly Russia and China.

Under the system of bourgeois democracy, elections consist a tool in the hands of the bourgeois class in order to provide the political system with a “mantle” of “legitimacy” and to create the illusion that the people have given their consent to the rule of the capitalists. Through the two-party monopoly and the extravagantly expensive electoral campaigns, the bourgeoisie ensures that the key-posts and seats in the political system are reserved for representatives and servants of the big capital.

Behind the facade of democracy, through the dominance of the Republican and Democratic Party, the capitalists have strictly imposed their agenda while continous disinformation campaigns are promoted in order to disorientate public opinion from the actual issues. The working class of the United States is in fact trapped between capitalism's Scylla and Charybdis.

It is true that during the last years of the capitalist economic crisis, more and more people in the U.S. came out in protests and struggles in various fronts, showing that a small flame of resistance burns within American society. However, there will be no real change in favor of the working masses unless there is a strong class-based working movement which will directly challenge the exploitative system.

The only actual hope for the millions of workers in the United States likes in the organized struggle against the real opponent – the capitalist system and its political servants. No positive solution will ever come from any bourgeois party or politician, no matter if his name is Trump, Obama or Sanders. The people, under the guidance of a strong marxist-leninist party, can concentrate their power in organizing their own counter-attack against the authority of monopolies, towards the overthrow of rotten capitalism and the transformation of society.