Thursday, February 1, 2018

Macedonia name dispute: KKE is opposed to FYROM's accession to NATO

The firm opposition of the Communist Party of Greece to NATO's plans in the Balkan region and the role of the imprialist alliance in the Macedonia name dispute, was stated by Nikos Sofianos, member of the Political Bureau of the Party's Central Committee, during an interview on ERT1.

The negotiations that are currently taking place between Greece and the neighboring country [FYROM] are taking place under the umbrella of NATO and the Americans. These are the ones who accelerate the talks, aiming at the accession of FYROM in NATO” said Sofianos. 

He also added that both the government and other cosmopolitans as well as the organizers of the upcoming nationalist rally (which will take place on Sunday in Athens) “do not disagree with FYROM's accession to NATO, the alliance which is responsible for slaughtering the Balkans, dissolving Yugoslavia, bombing Serbia, creating minorities and utilizing irredentisms”.

The KKE Politburo member underlined that both the government and those who organize nationalist rallies in Greece focus on the name dispute – the name under which FYROM will be recognized – thus disorientating the people from the real problem. 

As Sofianos said, the major issue is the one of irredentism and the geostrategic context within which a solution is being seeked. At that point, Nikos Sofianos reminded that according to the US ambassador, the SYRIZA-ANEL government consists a “hinge” in the plans of the United States in Western Balkans.

As for the nationalist rallies, Sofianos repeated KKE's firm stance not to participate in such events and mentioned that those who co-demonstrate along with the Nazis of Golden Dawn bear responsibility for “washing out” the fascist group. 

Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism