Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Communist Youth of Turkey: "NATO is the biggest terrorist organization"

The Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) issued a declaration about their anti-imperialist stance. Criticizing the NATO presence in the region and the ongoing warmonger politics of the Turkish government, the TKG recalls the spectacular protestation against the US Navy 6th Fleet carried out by leftist students 50 years ago and calls for an uncompromising struggle against imperialists and their collaborators.

50 years after the casting of the soldiers of the US Navy 6th Fleet out to the sea by university students in Istanbul, the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) issued a declaration about their anti-imperialist stance. Stressing the ongoing warmonger politics in the region and also theoretical evaluations against imperialism, the statement has as title: "Those who don't target imperialism can't defeat imperialists: While they preach, we will be the ones to throw imperialists into the sea"

The full text of TKG's declaration is as follows:

While they preach, we will be the ones to throw imperialists into the sea

Politicians whose traditions are to visit Washington and kowtow to the White House are nowadays talking about anti-imperialist struggle, Second War of Independence and the distrust in the USA. They preach; sometimes break ties with their allies and sometimes extend an olive branch to them. Meanwhile, what constitutes the history of the youth of Turkey is the uncompromising struggle against imperialists and their collaborators, and throwing the 6th Fleet into the sea from Dolmabahçe.

Imperialism is a world order

Imperialism, unlike the claims of the governing party AKP, is not only "external powers wishing to meddle in our country". Imperialism is the name of contemporary capitalism. Great revolutionary Lenin has described imperialism as "the highest state of capitalism" and "the capitalism in the hands of big monopolies", pointing out the fact that imperialism is a system which encompasses all the capitalist countries of different stages of development.

Capital is expansionist by its very nature

Enlarging the capital is the fundamental aim of any corporation. Protecting the sovereignty of local corporations in the national market and helping them have a stake in the international competition is the fundamental aim of any capitalist state. Therefore, the expansionist disposition is an inseparable part of the capital.

Neo-Ottomanism has capitalism at its core

Capital of Turkey has expansionist tendencies. The TAF troops which have been deployed in places kilometers away like Somalia, Qatar and Sudan to protect the overseas investments of big, local monopolies reveal this. It is true, Turkey is not an imperialist country yet. But bourgeoisie desires to become imperialist. The reason behind the politicians' emulating Ottoman Empire is not "their love for their ancestors", but this desire of big holdings.

There is no justice in the world of exploiters

Just as capitalism, its monopolized version of imperialism has also no place for equality, peace and justice. Just like a handful of rich people who hold the 90% of the wealth produced in our country, the 90% of the wealth produced in the world belongs to a handful of countries. Most prominent members of these countries are the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China.

NATO: The biggest terrorist organization

Our beautiful country has been soiled with over 100 NATO bases. NATO is an international terrorist organization, whose strings are controlled by the dominant power of the imperialist system, the USA. NATO threatens not only the non-member countries, but also the peoples of the member countries by warmongering. NATO also has the ambition to repress rising popular movements by using the counterinsurgency squads founded within its backyard and to keep the member countries in the sphere of the USA.

Independence is not possible without socialism

Monopolies of the USA, Germany, France and the Netherlands control the most important sectors of Turkey's economy. Today, economy of Turkey is more dependent on Western imperialist powers than they are on economy of Turkey. Throughout its mandate, AKP has deepened our country's external dependence through privatization and has all but destroyed the local production in strategic sectors such as the agriculture and farming. Unless the economy, starting with the key sectors, is nationalized and self sufficency of Turkey is ensured by using central planning, independence is not possible.

Reminder to those who forgot the 6th Fleet!
July 17, 1968: It is the date on which university students, including Deniz Gezmiş, casted the soldiers of the USA Navy 6th Fleet, which was anchored in the Bosphorus, out to the sea. It is high time we remind those who forgot of this response to the USA imperialism by the youth of Turkey.

Past NATO-supporter bigots and European Union merchants are now posing as anti-imperialists. Still they make deals with them, host them as allies and don't interfere with the interests and organizations of imperialists in our country. Still, they call the people to the so-called War of Independence. They can afford this hypocrisy because they haven't felt the cold breath of real anti-imperialists and real patriots on their necks for a while.

It is a must to bring down this order all together with its local defenders, which pledges nothing else but crisis, poverty and war to the humanity. Imperialism has once again brought the world to the edge of a generalized war. The necessity for getting organized is becoming more and more inevitable to free our country from the shackles of imperialism and to make imperialism pay for the crimes it has committed against our people for decades.

In the 50th year of casting the imperialist fleet to the sea from Dolmabahçe, we are calling the youth of Turkey to show everyone how the struggle against imperialism is made.


1) NATO and USA bases will be seized. Foreign troops will be deported.
2) Troops which have been sent to Syria and other countries for the interests of the bourgeoise will be withdrawn.
3) The agreements with imperialist powers on the training and modernization of army and police force will be repealed.

4) Starting with the strategic sectors, economy will be nationalized and central planning will be applied. Plans for development will be put forward and applied.

Communist Youth of Turkey.