Thursday, September 21, 2017

KKE: Message of solidarity to the Communist Party of Mexico regarding the recent disastrous earthquakes

With a message to the Central Commitee of the Communist Party of Mexico (PCM), the International Relations section of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) expresses the Party's condolences and solidarity to the Mexican people, after the disastrous earthquakes. 

More specifically, as 902 portal reports, the message reads:

"Dear comrades,

with agony we are observing the huge damages and the numerous victims that, once more, the recent disastrous earthquakes caused in your country. It is not fatal for the workers and the poor social strata to pay such a heavy blood tax by natural phenomena. The political responsibilities of the government of Mexico are immense, for the lack of essential anti-seismic protection measures, especially when the seismicity of  the region is well known. It is the state of the monopolies which lets helpless students losing their lives in schools, workers in their jobs and houses when, at the same time, after the earthquake, mobilizes fastly the repression forces for the security of the plutocracy's zones of interests."

The KKE message ends with an expression of condolences to the working class and the popular strata of Mexico: "Please transfer to the working class and the poor strata of your country, our sincere condolences and solidarity, as well as to the members and cadres of yours who participate in the fight for the rescue and assistance to the earthquakes' victims".

Translation: In Defense of Communism