Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Commentary by TKP's Kemal Okuyan regarding Turkey's stance on the Korean peninsula crisis

The General Secretary of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), Kemal Okuyan reflected on the denouncement statement of Turkey's government regarding the hydrogen bomb test of the DPRK. 
The full text of Okuyan's commentary published on soL news portal is as follows:
I denounce the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the strongest manner...
Previously, they loved to call the German Democratic Republic as “East Germany”, now they like to call the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as “North Korea”. It may be long and complex but still let us not use cold war terminology.
It is the Republic of Korea on the South, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the North... The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ours has recently protested against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In their own words, they “denounced in the strongest manner”:

“We consider the hydrogen bomb test of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on 3 September 2017, as an irresponsible and provocative action, we denounce it in the strongest manner”.
I assume this is how claiming to be a “great power” works, you stick your nose into everything.
Anyway, this is not the first time Turkey sticks its nose into the Korean issue.
The Democratic Party (DP) government of 1950 had deployed our sons in the Korean war and sacrificed them for the imperialist aggressiveness in the tail of the USA.
Korean War lasted three years. It started with a lie. Just like the allegation of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just like the allegation of Assad government using chemical weapons...
USA occupied Korea which had gained independence after the II WW and tried to get Korea as a whole by bringing alone the allies with itself with the lie telling North attacking South. It did not work, Korean patriots, backed by the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China, challenged USA in military terms. As for the Turkish troops, they were sacrificed for the safe withdrawal of the US army.
Millions of people died in three years, and Korea split into two states. Turkey was recruited as a member of the NATO after the disgraceful deployment of the soldiers, and had been rewarded by another disaster.
Today, one of those two states, the one who has been suffering from the USA aggression for years, has been developing nuclear weapons.
Turkey had enrolled NATO, the biggest criminal enterprise, with the excuse of securing itself; this was its defence perspective. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea does not have any international safe body to take refuge in.
It is apparent how USA attacks and occupies the countries it “curses”. This means, when DPRK states that they are being threatened, they talk on facts. There it is Iraq, there it is Afghanistan, there it is Granada, there it is Panama...
The nuclear weapon is villainous. But it is villainous for everyone. It should be dispelled, without exception.
AKP government denounces DPRK. Well, why they do not “denounce in the strongest manner” the countries which posses weapons of mass destruction that have the power to destroy the world tens of times?
Those misters did not have any strong manners when they let German and Dutch missiles in our country, crying for help from NATO to defend them right after the gangs they sponsored by cash and arms failed in Syria.
They enjoy glowering by saying “Hey America!”, they even made habit of it. But there should be a bit of embarrassment, one should say “ We have our share in the split of Korea, let's say nothing.”  
Embarrassment is the last thing we expect from those people.
Hey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs! You, in strongest manners, denounce a small country thousands of kilometers far away, which is occupied and cursed by fierce imperialist powers, however, we denounce you and ask: Isn't it provocative and irresponsible to keep 50 nuclear weapons which would do serious harm to US and the people of the region?
Turkey's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut
Cavusoglu with his U.S counterpart.
Let us remind you, each one of those B-61 tactical nuclear weapons has explosive powers tenfold of the atomic bomb of Hiroshima.
Nowadays there is tension between Turkey and the USA, half factual, half fictitious. Well, why aren't the nuclear weapons an issue of concern? What will the Ministry of Foreign Affairs say when tomorrow the USA prefers to transfer the nuclear weapons declaring Turkey “not being safe anymore”? Will they ask them not to go, or tell them to leave the nuclear weapons and go, will they brush over in silence? Or will there be a denouncement in the strongest manner?
Keeping nuclear weapons on its land by not possessing any control over them is one of the worst tribulations any country could have. There are only five countries in the world with that specific idiocy, the other four have been forced to, we had volunteered by heart.
At least the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has the control of the weapons itself. Well we, we sit on the will-content of the transatlantic. To die in millions!
What is it?: They are "denouncing in the strongest manner.”