Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Golden Dawn Trial: The murderous attack against the members of KKE and PAME was planned and organized

Sotiris Poulikogiannis testifies in the court during the trial of the Nazi Golden Dawn (Monday, 31/10/2016)
Special to In Defense of Communism.
Info from 'Rizospastis' (1/11/2016) and news services.

In a revealing testimony on Monday, at the trial of the Nazi 'Golden Dawn' party in Athens, the president of the Metalworkers Trade Union of Attica Sotiris Poulikogiannis, who was among the victims of a murderous attack on September 2013, provided to the court some very interesting facts. Poulikogiannis spoke about the viciousness of the attack, the organized and planned character of the ambush and he revealed the relations between the Golden Dawn and large contractors of the dockyards in Perama. The communist trade unionist said that Golden Dawn is a criminal organisation because of her Nazi ideology and character and he refered to historical examples about the role and the activity of Nazism.

Regarding the murderous attack against the members of KKE and PAME on September 2013, Sotiris Poulikogiannis said that it was a planned and organised attack which, at first, aimed against himself. It was an attack with all the characteristics of an organised, military-type of attack, with military-type structure and distinct roles of the participants. Poulikogiannis indicated the members of the Golden Dawn Pantazis and Hatzidakis as heads of the attack who, during the attack, were bearing murderous weapons, nails and blades.

August 2013: Golden Dawn's MPs Iliopoulos, Lagos and Panagiotaros in Perama dockyard zone
speak to a few workers about how they will "wipe PAME out of the zone".
September 2013: Sotiris Poulikogiannis, KKE cadre and trade unionist, after the organised vicious
attack by Golden Dawn's neo-Nazi thugs.
Golden Dawn is the boss in the dockyard – You are finished!”.

Sotiris Poulikogiannis testified that the murderous attack by the Golden Dawn thugs was a well-organised attack, directed by specific circles within the Perama dockyard zone. When he was asked about the motive of the attack, the communist trade unionist said: “They acted upon order of large contractors from inside the dockard zone. For many years, the large contractors, that means the employees, are trying to function the zone in a monopoly way, to get rid of the trade unionists, as they repeatedly have said... They want workers' union which will work for them, to do whatever they want, without Collective Contracts, without strikes, without hygiene and security (for the workers)”.

Poulikogiannis testified that these people were presidents, vice-presidents as well as members of the board of directors of employees' unions, having direct connections with Golden Dawn. He refered to them by his names, adding: “They began an industry of lawsuits (against trade unionists) in 2008 and in 2012 Golden Dawn joined the game...”. Cde Poulikogiannis refered also to the role of Golden Dawn's MPs, like Yannis Lagos, who had a leading role in the effort to “terrorize” the workers and the trade unionists. Lagos himself had appeared in a video recorded in Perama in which he had threatened the PAME trade unionists that “will be wiped out of the dockyard”.

Sotiris Poulikogiannis spoke the truth about the real character of Golden Dawn, by saying in the court “Golden Dawn is a criminal organisation because they are Nazis […] Golden Dawn herself says that she is the descendant of the 1945's defeated. Who were the descendants of '45? The Nazis. Their slogan is 'Blood-Honour-Golden Dawn'”. Golden Dawn's lawyers reacted fiercely to these words of Poulikogiannis and the trial was interrupted for a while. 


Thousands of people, workers, students and women responded to the call by the Attica Secretariat of PAME (All-Workers Militant Front) and demonstrated in Athens' central avenues before reaching the Athens Court of Appeal. Having as a major slogan "Goldendawnists are enemies of the workers, they are minions of the bosses and criminals", dozens of trade union centers, workers and students associations sent a message against the fascist-criminal activity of Golden Dawn. 

In a statement, PAME pointed out the following:

PAME calls on the workers, the people and the youth in mass condemnation and isolation of criminal Nazi Golden Dawn. With a militant demonstration the unions of Athens, the class forces protested, while the trial of the Fascist-Nazi organization Golden Dawn is underway. The trial started regarding the attack on trade unionists of PAME, members and cadres of the Communist Party in Perama by members of the Golden Dawn.
The way the Golden Dawn fascist organization acted on September 12, 2013 in Perama, as well as in other cases, demonstrate the murderous nature of the attack. While the fact that they targeted pioneer fighters whose actions constitute a nail in the eye of employers confirm their role as lackeys of the system.
The murder of P. Fyssas in Keratsini, the murderous attack in Perama, the attack on Egyptian fishermen continued with dozens of attacks on immigrants, tradesmen, workers, and antifascists.
The Golden Dawn was organizing and performing criminal acts against the class trade union and popular movement, while at the same time they founded slave-trade offices offering free labor to employers and they were asking for new tax breaks and benefits for ship-owners, industrialists, and exploiters of workers in the Parliament.
Its action serves the interests of certain big employers, against the people and the popular movement. They sigh for Hitler, the fascist regimes that slaughtered peoples. The Golden Dawn is a criminal organization because it is Nazi organization!
Every effort to camouflage the Nazi criminal character of the Golden Dawn must fail.
The class trade union and popular movement must confront any attempt to equate Nazi criminal action with the struggle of the workers movement -which is based on relevant EU guidelines-.
The mass struggle of the people and the youth in direction of rupture with the exploitative system, which creates fascism, can create the conditions for the isolation and uprooting of the fascists.