Tuesday, October 2, 2018

KKE statement on FYROM Referendum: The people in both countries must fight against NATO, imperialism and nationalism

Regarding Sunday's referendum in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) for the approval of the agreement between the governments of Greece and FYROM, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) issued a statement:

"The low turnout of the people of FYROM in the referendum was the basic element of yesterday's (Sunday) process, despite the fact that a large number of NATO, US and EU officials visited the neighboring country in order to press for the ratification of the Prespes Agreement and to accelerate the process of [the country's] integration in the above imperialist organisations.

Despite international pressure, the low participation in a referendum which posed the question "Yes or No to the integration in NATO and the EU by accepting the Agreement", reveals that a part of the people of FYROM stands negatively, or at least with reservation, against the blackmail that the integration in these- hostile towards the people- alliances is an one-way road."

The KKE statement points out that "the result of the referendum reflects above all the sharpening inter-imperialist contradictions between NATO-USA-EU on the one hand and Russia on the other, as well as the intervention of nationalist forces". 

"The SYRIZA-ANEL government", writes the KKE, "is exposed because it led the way- as NATO's standard bearer- in the blackmail for the acceptance of a dangerous agreement. It is once more proved that the answer to nationalism is not cosmopolitanism, which derives from the plans for the enlargement of the imperialist alliances and consists the other side of the same coin". 

The Prime Minister of FYROM Zoran Zaev.
The KKE also states: "Zaev's opportunist stance who- no more or less- stated that he will ignore the small participation, highlights what bourgeois democracy is. After all, it is not the first time that there is an attempt to reverse, afterwards, the outcome of a referendum which is not desirable by the imperialist centers. On this issue, Mr. Tsipras can provide enough expertise to Mr. Zaev."

The statement continues: "It becomes obvious that, during the next period, the pressures to both people to accept the Prespes Agreement and to move on with the euroatlantic integration in Western Balkans will continue. The competitions of the powerful ones [states, alliances] which turn the broader region into a 'powder store' will continue and intensify".

"The KKE calls both the Greek people and the people of FYROM to forge their common struggle, with solidarity and genuine internationalism, against nationalism and imperialism, against NATO and the EU, the governments and their parties. On this basis, a mutually acceptable solution can be found, with the elimination of all irrendentisms and a compound name with a geographical determination."