Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ukraine: Far-right MP makes life threats against Communist Party leader Symonenko

Secretary P.Symoneko (left) and Igor Mosiychuk (right).
The Communist Party of Ukraine has issued a statement regarding threats made against the First Secretary Petro (Pyotr) Symonenko by lawmaker Mosiychuk Igor Vladimirovich: 
The Communist Party of Ukraine states that the calls of the MP of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Mosiychuk Igor Vladimirovich for murder of the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Pyotr Nikolayevich Symonenko is crime under the Articles 14, 15, 27, 129 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine that is punished with imprisonment up to 5 years. 
On October 10, 2018, Igor Vladimirovich Mosiychuk in his Facebook published a post in which he threatened the leader of the Communist Party, Petro Symonenko, with the fate of Oles Buzin who was murdered, and called on “unknown patriots” and “comrade Mauser” to do their work. 

Recall that this person - Igor Mosiychuk - repeatedly convicted, including the preparation of a terrorist act in Kiev in 2011, was released under an amnesty as a result of an armed coup in February 2014 and the seizure of power by a triumvirate of oligarchs, neo-Nazis and criminals. 
As of the Verkhovna Rada MP of the Radical Party, Igor Mosiychuk actively supports the militarization of Ukraine, the continuation of the War in the Donbass, the physical elimination of those who disagree with the establishment of a fascist-type dictatorship in Ukraine and the imposing of the Nazi ideology as the state one. He consciously incites interethnic and religious enmity, as well as, together with his “brothers” such as the former deputy commander of the Nazi battalion "Azov" (in June 2015, by the US Congress "Azov" is defined as a neo-Nazi organization) he is responsible for the destruction of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 
The political biography of Mosiychuk is linked with neo-Nazism and crimes. Joining the UNA-UNSO in 1994 and being an assistant to the UNSO Deputy, he was convicted of fraud and sentenced to one year of imprisonment. In 1998 Mosiychuk joined the Social-Nationalist Party with neo-Nazi ideology. One of the founders of this Party is the current speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament and an admirer of the Hitler type "direct democracy" Andrei Paruby. However, considering that the rhetoric of the social-nationalists was insufficiently radical, Mosiychuk joined the ultra-right organization Patriot of Ukraine/Social-National Assembly. 
In 2006, Igor Mosiychuk is wanted by law enforcement agencies for robbery and non-payment of alimony. In 2011 he was detained on charges of preparing a terrorist attack on Independence Day in Kiev and sentenced for 6 years imprisonment. But in 2014, as already mentioned, was granted amnesty by the new regime. At these times hundreds of criminals were released, and formed the backbone of neo-Nazi punitive battalions and private armies of oligarchs. 
In 2015, Igor Mosiychuk was deprived of parliamentary immunity and arrested on charges of accepting a bribe on a particularly large scale, disorderly conduct and the threat of murder. However, thanks to “high and overseas patrons” escaped punishment. These patrons actively use neo-Nazi and criminal persons to destroy Ukraine, turn it into a territory of discord and a “fiery springboard” to move NATO and its allies deep into the Eurasian continent and establish its control over world resources and markets. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, controlled by President Administration and supervised from outside, withdrew the petition for arrest, and the pocket High Administrative Court declared illegal the deprivation of Mosiychuk of parliamentary immunity. 
There is no other expectation of the puppet regime of oligarchs and criminals. Murderers of Oles Buzyna and other dissenters walk free on bail by such deputies as Mosiychuk and his party members, read lectures about “patriotism” to children in schools, rape and kill with impunity. Mosiychuk and others like him justify and welcome the burning of people alive in Odessa on May 2, 2014. They act the same way as their ideological idols from the 118th Ukrainian police battalion, formed from OUN members who destroyed Khatyn in a fire along with residents. Like the Nazi punishers, the nationalists and traitors of their people from the Ukrainian auxiliary police destroyed the Volyn village of Cortelesy. These crimes, like many others committed by Hitler’s accomplices from among the Bandera, Melnyk and other nationalistic rabble, are recognized as crimes against humanity and convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal and have no statute of limitations. 
Returning to the publication of Igor Mosiychuk in his Facebook page calling for physical violence and incitement to assassinate the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko, we declare that in the near future a corresponding lawsuit will be filed against deputy Igor Mosiychuk, and information about death threats will be brought to information of the international community, human rights organizations, the leadership of the European Union and the PACE, where a member of the Ukrainian delegation is his fellow party member Lozovyi. 
At the same time, the Communist Party understands that it is not worth to expect a fair investigation of this crime of Igor Mosiychuk, as well as other crimes of the ruling regime and its neo-Nazi thugs. 
But despite the threats and persecution, the Communist Party will defend the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine, actively fight against the fascization of politics and public life, against the revival of Hitlerism, as the national idea of Ukraine, which is actively imposing on us by the world capital.