Friday, October 26, 2018

Filthy anticommunist propaganda by Greek state broadcaster ERT denounced by KKE

In a report published today, Rizospastis newspaper (Organ of the CC of the KKE) denounces the screening by the Greek state-owned broadcaster ERT of an anticommunist, antisoviet documentary titled "The day when... Stalin won the war". 

The documentary - an "anticommunist garbage" as Rizospastis calls it- consists of five parts and attempts to reproduce the talks at the Yalta Conference (4-11 February 1945) by using actors. 

As Rizospastis points out, the presented talks do not arise from objective historical assumptions but they are being recreated on the basis of the notes and testimonies written by military and other leading feagures of the then period, that is from the testimonies of British and American leaders. "In other words- writes the newspaper- we have to do with a documentary that isn't so much a documentary but the anticommunist British and American view on the history of the Second World War". 

The historical events are perceived and presented through the (personal) characteristics of the leaders of the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, that is against any scientific effort to record historical reality. The article of Rizospastis exposes the manipulative way the documentary portrays the leaders. 

"Within this method, Franklin Roosevelt is presented as a democrat who has faith in human nature and who is inspired by a fearless idealism for the establishment of a post-war peaceful world based on U.N. decisions. This is the same Roosevelt who supported the Batista dictatorship in Cuba, the one who ordered the conquest of Iceland, etc. And it is the same post-war capitalist world, the leading force of which was the USA that throwed two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bleed the people of Vietnam, supported dozens of dictatorial regimes all over the world, etc."

Rizospastis also points out how the documentary presents Winston Churcill: "At the same time, Churchill, although an anticommunist, is portrayed as a humanist, opposed to any massive execution. It is the same Churchill who slaughtered India and other British colonies, who ordered the British troops in Greece to act as if they were in a conquered country, etc". The blatant anticommunist propaganda of the documentary is completely exposed by the way it presentes Joseph Stalin. "On the other hand- writes Rizospastis- Stalin is portrayed as a Red Tsar, ruthless, secretive and crude. In fact, reversing the historical reality and against all evidence, the documentary claims that Stalin, exploiting Roosevelt's vision of the post-war world, maganed to break the Churcull-Roosevelt alliance and win the war by creating a Soviet empire!". 

In a statement regarding the above documentary screened by ERT, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) strongly condemns the administration of the state-owned broadcaster, as well as the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government. Here is a translation of the statement published on 902 portal

"The vulgar and unhistorical documentary of ERT, which is being screened these days, consists a monument of historical distortion and counterfeiting, taken out of the darkest days of the most crude anticommunism. The supposedly "historical" documentary, which of course isn't based on objective historical evidence but on a "gossip" approach of history, reproduces the entire anticommunist-antisoviet view of the British and Americans on the history of the Second World War. 

[The documentary] cultivates the unhistorical theory of the two extremes. It hides the fact that the war took place because of the contradictions between the imperialist states for the redivision of the world. It tarnishes the leading role of the USSR in the crash of nazism and fascism. It consists a huge insult towards historical truth as well as to those who sacrificed themselves fighting with the gun in hand against the fascist axis. 

The responsibility lies not only in the administration of ERT, but also in the SYRIZA-ANEL government. The timing isn't accidental. The government has adopted the whole policy of the USA and NATO and therefore it is logical to adopt their view on historical facts too. 

For that reason, the parliamentary representative of the KKE, N. Karathanasopoulos, made a strong protest to the supervising Minister of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media N. Pappas".

The KKE statement ends up by calling the people, as well as the employees of ERT, to draw their own conclusions.