Sunday, October 7, 2018

Denmark: Nazi-inspired draft law proposes 12 years imprisonment for criticizing NATO !

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark – literally, not allegorically. 

A new draft bill proposed by the Danish Ministry of Justice tries to put an end to the freedom of speech, especially on issues regarding the murderous, imperialist alliance of NATO

According to Arbejderen news portal, the Justice Ministry prepares a law according to which even the sharing of any critical articles or views that "adversely affect the general perception of NATO” will be punishable! In order to obfuscate the threatening - towards free speech- nature of the new law, the draft legislation adds that the sharing of anti-NATO information/views will be punishable "if it is coming from a foreign intelligence service". 

The draft law consists part of the action plan set by the Danish government against the so-called  increasing "external threat", allegedly the one coming from Russia. 

The major message of the proposed draft law is the, nazi-inspired perception, that whoever stands against NATO automatically means that he supports the (alleged) Russian campaign against the West! "Such a law"- says Jom Vestergaard, a Law Professor at the University of Copenhagen-  creates an immense insecurity of justice and will be extremely difficult to be implemented". 

Apart from the mass media, the outrageous draft law proposes the punishment  - up to 12 years of imprisonment!- of sharing anti-NATO views in social media, including Facebook and Twitter! 

Seems that the governments of EU member-states, such as the one of Denmark, are ruthless in their effort to support the imperialist plans, even if that means the end of the freedom of speech and the imposition of extreme censorship. The working class, the people of Denmark, must decisively condemn this unacceptable draft law and mobilize in order to cancel any effort for its implementation.

Source via P. Alepliotis for