Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hands Off Syria! Communist Parties across the world denounce imperialist barbarity

Communist and Workers' Parties across the world have reacted to the imperialist attack on Syria, strongly condemning the US-Britain-France intervention (to be updated):

"You will surely pay for this crime" say the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) in its statement. "When the people of Syria disrupted your plans, when the reactionary-collaborationist gangs you supported in every way possible were struck by the resistance of the people, you resorted to treachery and fraud".

The TKP statement writes that "the United States, Britain and France have bombed three sites in Syria Saturday in "response to an alleged chemical weapons attack" they said. However, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis disclosed that the U.S. had not yet confirmed that the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack, on April 7 in the Damascus suburb of Douma."

Recalling those invasions of Afganistan and Iraq that the imperialist powers use similar lies TKP said: "You razed the country to the ground and then you had to admit that you did not have any evidence at all; Iraq could not yet recover. This time, your pretext is chemical weapons. But everybody knows you are lying, as always."

"Whichever excuse you make up, everyone knows that;' You are the oil tycoons that have their eyes on new energy resources, you are the arms dealers which cannot make the profit without the waging wars, you are the villainous exploitative classes that attempt against the bread and future of billions of poor, you are the wicked and barbarous imperialists who dare to annihilate the whole world, while you are greedily fighting to share it, you are hiding behind the freak called Trump, lining up to get your own share, you are cooperating with, supporting and appreciating an irrational, illogical attack, that is against the most fundamental international rules," it added. 

TKP also underlined the Turkish AKP government false Anti-American discourse. 

Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that Turkish AKP government is satisfied with the strikes launched by the United States, the United Kingdom and France against Syria.

"You are the AKP government which has been trying to deceive the public with false anti-Americanism for months, yet you are more than happy with the bombs falling on Damascus and allow Incirlik Air Base to be used in this crime," TKP said. 

"Take your hands off Syria! Let the people of Syria decide for their own government, how to fight with injustice, inequality and tyranny.

But that’s not your concern. Because you know that independent Syrian people will defeat you in the end with full legitimacy.

Fear the rage of the oppressed, the exploited and the toiling masses. They are fed up with your lies, fake images, provocations, disgusting interventions and conspiracies!

Exploiting people, forcing people into imperialist wars, making them kill each other for the profit of your monopolies are outrageous crimes. You will definitely pay for these crimes.

As the barbarian gangs scorch Syria, the heart of the great humanity is beating with the Syrian people.

Down with imperialism!

Down with the imperialist war!

Let’s come together to act in solidarity with the Syrian people!"



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The conduct of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to get out of nuclear deal with Iran and collaborate with Israel and Saudi Arabia to eliminate the Palestinian question was condemned by the Communist Party of Israel in a statement issued on 13 April. 
According to the statement of Maki, terrorist organizations have been used as a tool by the United States and its allies in the Middle East. However, the global terror mechanism, constructed and injected into Syria under the auspices of the United States and its allies in the region including Israel, has collapsed.
Maki strongly condemned the warmongering of the Israeli government, reminding the latest incursion of Israel to Syria and the threat of Trump to join the aggressive move. Maki also underlined the crimes of the Netanyahu government against Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza border and called on the Israeli public to rise up and oppose the policy of the right-wing government that endangers the fate and security of the citizens.
Maki warned that the charges for the use of chemical weapons, now used against Syria, have turned out to be false after ‘justifying’ the wars of aggression in Iraq and Libya.  Maki said it supported for a transparent and independent international investigation in order to reveal the truth in Syria,  asking ‘Have chemical weapons been actually used? Who has been using them? Who has produced them? And who has shed crocodile tears over the Syrian people after years of direct and indirect support for fundamentalists terrorist organizations?

Maki declared its determination to struggle for the demilitarization of the Middle East from biological and nuclear weapons, including those of Israel. It called on all forces of peace in the country, the region and the world, to fight and to build an international front to stop the public bullying of the US and to stop the escalation of war betting on the fate of the peoples of the region, endangering global security and risking the ignition of a nuclear conflict.


The Tudeh Party of Iran strongly condemns the pre-planned military strike by the aforementioned imperialist countries on Syria in the early morning of Saturday 14 April 2018 and considers it to have been an open and flagrant violation of international law and the United Nations Charter. 
The attack was carried out despite the dispatch of an investigation team commissioned by the secretariat of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which had been scheduled to begin its investigation of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, near Damascus, and the identity of its main perpetrators today - Saturday 14 April 2018. 
The fanning of the fire of war and military confrontation along with the malicious and inhumane policies of the ruling powers in the United States, Britain and France have further aggravated the situation in the Middle East region and have significantly increased the danger of a more widespread military conflict breaking out across an already volatile region and thus endangering global peace. 
The Tudeh Party of Iran calls upon all forces advocating for peace and progress to oppose this new dangerous drive to war in the Middle East by imperialism and to unite in condemnation and resistance to the expansion of the military conflicts in Syria and elsewhere in the region. 
Furthermore, the Tudeh Party of Iran calls upon all those forces advocating peace and progress while continuing in their opposition to these neo-colonialist designs of the world imperialism for the Middle East - to employ all oftheir resolve and strength in order to curtail this course of events and to defending the cause of peace in the region.
The Tudeh Party of Iran.

Statement of the Political Bureau of the PCPE on the new aggression against Syria.
The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain condemns with absolute firmness the new military aggression against Syria initiated last night by forces of the USA, the United Kingdom and France.
This direct aggression supposes an escalation in the imperialist aggressiveness and takes place under a pretext already known, such as the non-demonstrated use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army.
The involvement and presence of various powers in the Syrian territory means, after this attack led by the US, that the risk of a generalized war that affects not only Syria, but the rest of the region, is much closer.
The people of Syria, which has been suffering for years the attacks of terrorist and mercenary forces financed and supported by powers such as the US, the EU and Turkey, should not shed more blood or suffer more suffering because of the powers that only want a fragmented and unstable Middle East to advance their geostrategic interests.
The PCPE calls on the working class and working people of our country to mobilize in defense of the people of Syria, against the imperialist war and against the use of any facility, civil or military, in our territory for this new aggression.
The PCPE demands the Government of Spain to publicly condemn this attack and to immediately cancel any agreement on the presence in Spanish territory of military and diplomatic forces of the coalition of attacking countries.
The PCPE demands the utmost respect for the right of peoples to freely decide their own path of development in a world free of imperialist wars, poverty and exploitation.
No to the imperialist war!
Neither land nor sea nor air for the imperialists!
Madrid, April 14, 2018,

الخزي والعار للمعتدين الإمبرياليين
بيان من الحزب الشيوعي السوري
يا جماهير شعبنا الأبيّ!
لقد قامت الدول الإمبريالية: الولايات المتحدة الأميركية وبريطانيا وفرنسا بتصعيد عدوانها المستمر على وطننا منذ عدة سنوات. إذ قامت القوات المسلحة لهذه الدول بتوجيه وابل من الصواريخ إلى مواقع عدة على أرض وطننا في صبيحة يوم 14 نيسان 2018. وقد تصدت قواتنا المسلحة الباسلة لهذا العدوان الاستعماري وأسقطت العديد من الصواريخ التي أطلقتها القوات المعتدية.
ويأتي هذا التصعيد للعدوان الاستعماري الغاشم، بذرائعه الكاذبة والزائفة، رداً على الانتصارات التي حققتها قواتنا المسلحة المقدامة على عملاء المستعمرين، قاهرةً عصاباتهم الإجرامية ومبعدة خطرها عن عاصمة وطننا دمشق.
إن هذا العدوان هو دليل على عجز المستعمرين وأعوانهم عن إسقاط وطننا، هذا الهدف الذي وضعوه لأنفسهم من أجل إحكام هيمنتهم الاستعمارية على منطقتنا، بل وعلى العالم بأسره. وهذا العدوان هو إضافة صفحة جديدة إلى السجل الأسود للاستعمار الأميركي والبريطاني والفرنسي المليء بالجرائم بحق شعوب العالم، بحق البشرية جمعاء. كما تسهم إسرائيل الصهيونية بجرائمها المستمرة في سجل العار هذا.
إن هذه العدوانية الإمبريالية الصهيونية لن تثني شعبنا السوري، العريق في تصديه للمستعمرين والمتميز بتوقه للحرية، عن إصراره في الدفاع عن الوطن وعن السيادة الوطنية الكاملة وعن وحدة تراب الوطن.
والتاريخ يدلنا أنه في جميع معاركنا الكبرى مع المستعمرين الغربيين خرجنا منتصرين. فقد هزمنا غزوات الفرنجة الصليبيين وكانت سوريا بركاناً في وجه المستعمر الفرنسي. وها هي تتصدى ببسالة لعربدة الإمبريالية وجرائم عملائها الظلاميين.
نعم ستشهد أرض وطننا مأثرة حطين جديدة.
إن شعبنا سينتصر بوحدة صفه الوطني في وجه المعتدين البغاة.
قضيتنا عادلة والنصر سيكون لنا.
سوريا لن تركع !
دمشق 14/4/2018
اللجنة المركزية
للحزب الشيوعي السوري


The Communist Party of Canada condemns the illegal and murderous airstrikes on Syria conducted by the US, UK and France April 13th, and the support given to these attacks by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  We call on Parliament to condemn the airstrikes which are illegal under international law, under US law and under UK law, and under the UN Charter that rules these are war crimes.
The strikes take place one day before the United Nations Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was to visit Douma, Syria to examine the site where the US and its allies claim chemical weapons were used against Syrian civilians.  The OPCW was going to Syria April 14 over the objections of the US government which had earlier vetoed a Russian motion to send the OPCW to investigate and determine whether chemical weapons were used, or not.  Following the US veto, the Syrian government invited the OPCW to investigate, which it had agreed to do.  The OPCW arrived in Syria April 14 to carry out the investigation in Douma, despite the airstrikes just hours before.
Contrary to US claims, no evidence has been produced to prove that chemical weapons were used, or found, in Douma.  Senior US officials including US Secretary of Defence James Mattis on April 12 – one day before the airstrikes – have admitted that there is no evidence of a chemical weapons attack in Douma.  Yet President Trump has launched airstrikes with the support of British PM Theresa May and French President Macron, but not their governments or Parliaments, after tweeting his war plans to the world.
The strikes are reminiscent of last year’s attacks, which were also based on falsified information and also sold to the public under the rubric of the US’ and EU’s “responsibility to protect”.  In fact this doctrine and these acts of war are protecting the mega-profits of the corporations and the arms industries.  This doctrine of war is responsible for the deaths of 2 million people since it first appeared in the region in 2001.  The Canadian government’s support for this doctrine has transformed Canada into an active participant in US and NATO’s dirty wars and aggression around the world, and has saddled the Canadian public with a 70% increase in military spending, plus increased spending on NATO, shredding Trudeau’s promise to transform Canadian foreign policy from war-making to peace-keeping.  Canada is in lock-step with US imperialism and the world’s war mongers, ready and willing to overthrow governments it does not like, and the UN Charter that rules these are war crimes.
The infamous fable of Iraqi ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which was the justification for the illegal US war on Iraq has long since been exposed as a fabrication of the US government.  Similarly, the US statement that sarin gas was used by the Syrian government was also proven to be baseless, though it was also stated as fact in the western press and media.  These are the Big Lies created by the US government to justify US and NATO aggression and war on countries around the world.
All of the evidence points to the fact that the April 13 airstrikes on Syria were deliberately aimed to prevent peace and to escalate the danger of a conventional or nuclear conflict between the US and Russia, now that the Syrian government assisted by Russia, has won the war and defeated the US backed insurgent forces of ISIS, the al-Nusra Front, the Army of Islam, and other extremists and terrorists opposed to the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad.  The US refusal to accept the military defeat and the transition to peace about to be negotiated according to international law and involving the Syrian government, the US, Russia, and others, is the real reason for the airstrikes April 13.
This is consistent with the unmistakable evidence of the drive to war being pressed in the weeks leading up to April 13, in the US press and media, and in social media.  This campaign of lies and disinformation was echoed in media across the capitalist world resulting in mass confusion about the real situation in Syria, and those actually responsible.   Canadians have been fooled before.  They shouldn’t be fooled again.  The US/UK/French attacks have nothing to do with protection of the Syrian people, and everything to do with the drive for profits and the overthrow of governments that will not bend to US dictates.
These airstrikes threaten not only Syria, but global peace and stability.  These actions are a deliberate US provocation against the Russian government which has indicated it will respond to any airstrikes with counter-strikes aimed at the launch sites.  The US/UK/French decision to launch these airstrikes is a recipe for a world war, which could include nuclear weapons.
We call on the peace movement, the labour and democratic movements, and on all peace-loving peoples to demand that the US, UK and France immediately end their war of aggression, and withdraw their weapons, troops and ships from the region, so that negotiations leading to peace in Syria can take place.   Mass public opposition in the streets is decisive to stop the drive to war on Syria.
We call on Canadian Parliamentarians to urgently speak up for peace and against the illegal war and war crimes launched by the US, UK and France against Syria.  Canada must not be complicit in war crimes, and must speak out against US aggression that could ‘totally destroy’ Syria and the Middle East, or escalate into a global confrontation involving Russia and the US, in the name of the specious doctrine of ‘responsibility to protect’.
Central Executive Committee, Communist Party of Canada

CPB strongly condemns US led attack on Syria
14April, 2018. Dhaka, Bangladesh
Communist Party of Bangladesh(CPB) strongly condemned criminal attack on Syria on 13 April carried out by imperialist US led allied force that include UK and France. In a statement to the press on 14 April, 2018 CPB president Mujahidul Islam Selim and General Secretary Md. Shah Alam said, by using a unproven accusation of using chemical weapon by Syrian government imperialist forces carried out this attack. Hundreds of missiles including modern Tomahawk missile attacked targeted Syrian territory and endangered the life of millions of Syrian civilians.
CPB leaders said, for last seven year US imperialism and its allies imposed a unjust civil war on Syria. Russia, who is a major partner of Syrian peace process alleged from the very beginning that British intelligence made fake and fabricated video about so called chemical weapon to create a pretext of long term war on Syria. On the other hand, by assisting Islamite terrorists US and Turkey created a long lasting instability in Syria.
US led attack on Syria last night and Donald Trump’s announcement of ‘indefinite presence’ in Syria again proved that the actual target of US was to occupy Syria. Since no international agencies was able to prove the allegation of using chemical weapons by Syrian government, this attack therefore indicate that imperialist forces want to assassinate Bashar al Asad like Saddam Hossain of Iraq and want a regime change in Syria. This is undoubtedly an illegal attack and gross violation of international law. CPB and People of Bangladesh stands by the people of Syria in this difficult time. CPB demands that Syria as one of the great friends of the liberation war of Bangladesh deserve a formal condemnation from the government of Bangladesh for this barbaric attack. CPB also called upon the progressive forces and international community to build up a strong protest against this heinous attack.
News sent by-
Hasan Tarique Chowdhury
Head of International Department
Communist Party of Bangladesh
Central Committee.