Friday, August 26, 2022

Sweden's Communist Party condemns the extradition of Kurdish fighters to Turkey

In a statement published in its official gazette “Riktpunkt” (here in Swedish), the Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) condemns the extradition of Kurdish fighters from Sweden to Turkey. The SKP also reiterates its strong opposition to Sweden's accession in NATO.

“In their effort to join NATO, Sweden's bourgeoisie and its social democratic government reject everything related to human rights. Sweden's social democratic government entered into a deplorable agreement with Turkey to extradite Kurdish communists and other fighters who have lived in Sweden for years and received asylum to escape Turkey's oppression and death threats”, points out the SKP. 
The Communist Party adds: “They are called terrorists by Turkey and Sweden's government accepts these false accusations and has already started arresting Kurdish activists in cooperation with Turkish authorities. People who fought for freedom and democracy are arrested and deported to an uncertain fate so that Sweden can join the murderous organization of NATO”.

The SKP underlines that the extradition of people to countries like Turkey “which use systematic torture against their political opponents”, is against Swedish law and violates international conventions signed by Sweden.