Monday, December 28, 2020

Pakistan's communists condemn the violation of human and citizen rights in the country

The International Department of the Communist Party of Pakistan (کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان) has issued a statement concerning the violation of human and citizen rights in the country. The statement is as follows:

The Communist Party of Pakistan strongly condemns the Pakistani establishment particularly the military establishment inhuman practices of suppression and violation of human and citizen rights.

The matter of missing persons, mutilated dead bodies in the province of Baluchistan, khyber  Pukhtoon Khwa and Sind provinces are the well known facts and still need answers.

It is clear that the military establishment who are de facto  governing the country through a a so called democratic but a puppet government has the unlimited extra judiciary power which couldn’t  be challenge in any court of law and at the same time their desire for more control and power is making them an uncontrolled elephant crushing its own people and any rising voices challenging its power and practices.

The current wave of kidnapping and arresting of the human rights activists, journalists and the oppressed nations activists rising their voices against the exploitations and equal citizen rights in the country is worrying and posing a threat to the basic human and citizen rights in the country.

There are some fears that now some antiestablishment activists are killed during captivity and declared that they died of natural causes like covid 19 and heart attacks.

Communist party of Pakistan strongly condemns these practices of the military establishment and their agencies.The rule of law and human and citizen rights of the people  can only be guaranteed by restoration of true democracy in the country.

The communist Party is also concern about the humiliation of the peoples elected representative particularly of comrade Ali Wazir, the only Marxist in the current Pakistani  Parliament  and the inhuman treatment he received at the time of his arrest and the different treatment of the law enforcement agencies with the threat of poisoning him behind the bar.

Communist Party of Pakistan call on all brotherly communists and worker parties to use all possible means to record their protest against the human rights violations in Pakistan and in particularly record their dismay through Pakistani missions over the arrest of comrade Ali Wazir.The party is also appealing to the fraternal parties in Europe having their members present in the European Parliament to exert pressure over the Pakistani  authorities to stop these inhuman practices in the country and respect the human and Democratic rights of the citizens and immediately release comrade Ali Wazir .

Long live solidarity 

International Department.