Monday, August 17, 2020

German communists: “Without the Berlin Wall, there would have been war”

In an article published on “Unsere Zeit” portal, the newspaper of the German Communist Party (DKP), General Secretary Patrik Köbele referred to the conditions under which the Berlin Wall was built on August 13, 1961. 

After mentioning that the decision to build the Wall wasn’t an easy decision, Köbele points out: “The state border between the GDR and the “West” was also the border between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, ie the border the two strongest military alliances at the time. NATO always aimed at destroying socialist construction in the Warsaw Pact’s states by all means – arms race, diversion, sabotage and, if necessary, military aggression. It was prevented from doing so due to the security of the GDR state border”.

The DKP General Secretary also stresses out that the borders between the GDR and West Germany were also the borders between two completely different economic and social systems. Imperialism, which emerged from the Second World War (started by fascist Germany) with far less destruction comparing  to the Soviet Union and the other states of the Warsaw Pact, used the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) as a “showcase” against the GDR, in order to attract workers and cause economic bleeding to the GDR. 

“Therefore, one can rightly say: Without the Wall, there would have been war. The border security measures ensured peace in Europe and around the world”, writes Patrik Köbele

The leaders of Germany – Köbele adds – are hypocritical when they commemorate the so-called “victims of the wall”, because it was their militaristic, economic and ideological policies of aggression against the socialist countries in Europe which led to the creation of the Wall. 

The article ends with an invocation to the memory of the border guards who were killed in the line of duty “in this complicated battle of the international class struggle”.