Wednesday, February 12, 2020

European Parliament: Communist MEP Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos slams U.S Mideast plan

Speaking at the Plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MEP Lefteris Nikolaou-Alavanos denounced the recent U.S plan for the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

For the same issue, the E.U High Commissioner on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell characterized the plan as “positive” and a “starting point for negotiations”. 

The same reactionary position was adopted by the MEP for New Democracy (ND) party and rapporteur on behalf of the European People’s Party, Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou, who called Trump’s plan “a starting point for reopening meaningful, goodwill negotiations”. 

In his intervention, the KKE eurodeputy pointed out the following:

“We denounce the unacceptable U.S. plan for the Palestinian issue which perpetuates and shields israeli occupation. The promoted agreement is part of the U.S. imperialist plans in the broader region. It provides the ceding of Jerusalem to Israel as an “undivided Israeli capital”, the annexation of the Jordan Valley and maintenance of Israeli settlements. The U.S. which have disrupted their funding for Palestine use this despicable plan in order to blackmail, as an exchange for economic aid.”

MEP Nikolaou-Alavanos also pointed out: “The E.U and her governments, among them the Greek ones of ND and SYRIZA before, bear heavy responsibilities: they keep equal distances between the perpetrator and the victim, extended and constantly upgrade the political, economic and military cooperation with the israeli state”. 

The communist eurodeputy added that “the position of Mr Borrell who finds Trump’s proposal as “concrete and helpful” is in contrast with the interests of the palestinain people, while the position expressed by Mrs Asimakopoulou is both unacceptable and dangerous, as far as it reflects the position of the Greek government”.  

The KKE MEP reaffirmed that his party supports “the just struggle of the palestinian people for the termination of israeli occupation, for an independent palestinian state at the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital”.