Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Yugoslav communist Svetozar Markanovic dies at 88

The Party of "Communists of Serbia" has announced that cde. Svetozar Markanovic, President of the Central Committee, has died at the age of 88. 

Svetozar Markanovic was born in 1931 in Dvar (today Bosnia & Herzegovina). At the age of 15 he joined the National Liberation War (NOB) and in June 1944 he was admitted to the Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia. 

After the war, he went to Czechoslovakia where he studied mechanical engineering. In October 1948 he joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY).

From 1959 until his retirement in 1996, Markanovic workers at the Belgrade Electric Power Distribution. He received a Master's degree in Technical Sciences in 1974. 

Throughout his life he was active in the League of Communists of Yugoslavia. As a socio-political worker he worked in various posts, including Secretary of the Basic Organization of Communist League (OOSK), member of the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communists, President of the Central Committee of the Party of "Communists of Serbia". 

Svetozar Markanovic had also served as President of the Coordination Committee of the Communist and Workers' Parties for the Yugoslav region. 

Source: Solidnet.