Friday, June 1, 2018

Spain: "No trust" to Sánchez government, intensification of the people's struggle says the PCPE

"Not a minute of respite" towards the new government of Pedro Sánchez says the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) in a statement regarding the political developments in the country. 

"The approval of the motion of censure to the Government of Mariano Rajoy opens a new political cycle. The new government will try to take definitive steps to reform the political system, following a parliamentary debate in which it has been found that it is the very nature of capitalism that generates political corruption" writes the PCPE statement and underlines: "The dispute between the parliamentary forces represents the interests of different sectors of the bourgeoisie, which has seen its class economic interests guaranteed with the commitment of Pedro Sánchez to govern with the budgets designed by the Popular Party."

The statement of the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) also mentions that "the complete subordination of Unidos Podemos to the PSOE confirms the alliance between the new and the old social democracy to manage capitalism. The exploitation will continue and will increase in the future. The new government will limit itself to managing exploitation under new forms, while the political right becomes harder and prepares to preserve from the opposition the interests of the capitalist sector it represents, waiting for a new electoral process that will determine the correlation of forces that definitely complete the reform of the political system."

"The working class and the popular sectors should not place any hope in the new capitalist government" writes the PCPE arguing that the Pedro Sanchez government will continue to govern for the bosses. "Our rights will only be guaranteed if the mobilization continues and intensifies, which should lead to the calling of a general strike, as the Government changes, but capitalist exploitation continues and intensifies" points out the Party's statement.

According to the PCPE, the Socialist Party (PSOE) continues to be the political party the governments of which applied state terrorism, supported Spain's membership in NATO and the European Union, participated in criminal imperialist wars, while labor reforms were approved and a harsh repression was exercised against the workers movement and popular. "We do not forget" says the PCPE and concludes that "the new Government of Pedro Sánchez will continue to represent those same class interests, which are not the same as ours". 

The Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE) calls the workers' movement and the whole of our people to intensify all the struggles that are under way, without placing any hope in the social democracy.

Source: / Translation: In Defense of Communism.