Friday, June 22, 2018

Turkish elections: "Bu Düzen Değişmeli" as the real alternative for the working people

As the June 24th elections in Turkey approach, the electoral platform "Bu Düzen Değişmeli" (This Social Order Must Change), supported by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), has intensified the struggle to inform the country's working class and popular strata that they actually have an alternative choice. The platform participates in the elections with 17 independent candidates in 13 provinces.

Below, we republish from soL portal, 19 basic policy points set by the TKP, as well as an electoral video which poses the question: 

Would you like to live in a Turkey live this?

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), which participates in the elections with independent candidates as it was prevented from taking part as a party, keeps close tabs on every single point mentioned below.


Banks should be expropriated

People cannot heave a sigh of relief unless they seize finance capital, those who exploit toilers who have nothing but their labour to sell to the hilt, those who make the entire country a present for foreign moneybags, by the neck. Both external debts that keep the country on a tight leash and credit debts that lead labourers to give in to slavery are the doings of this parasitic class.

All privatised businesses, factories, power distribution networks, highways and hospitals should be nationalised free of charge

The biggest trick pulled by insatiable moneybags, by the capitalist class including the most famous and “deep-seated” holdings as well as the partisan, nouveau riche building contractors is privatisation. Yes, all privatised businesses should be nationalised and without paying a dime to the looters!

Those who are responsible for privatisations should be put on trial for high treason

Privatizations are the highest felony committed against the people. This felony which stripped scores of workers from their jobs, social rights and future can certainly be characterised as “high treason”. Those who handed the country to moneybags on a silver platter will be put on trial accordingly.

The flight of capital should be blocked

When they heard that there was a “plunder”, they cropped up in our country with great eagerness. They took their share from privatizations, took part in pillage of the environment which would never be allowed in another country with their so-called “investments”. They have grown fatter and fatter as they sweat the toiling masses of this country. Foreign and domestic capitalists, who appropriated great riches by bleeding the workers of this country dry, should not be allowed to smuggle their wealth abroad when they realise that the “age of plunder is over”.

The agreements with the EU should be cast away

All agreements imposed by European imperialists upon the bourgeois governments of Turkey in order to regulate everything from commerce to agriculture, from the social security system to education policies according to their own interests, to satisfy their local collaborators, and to render Turkey an outpost in the Middle East should be cast away at once.

Bank and credit card debts of workers should be written off

It is evident that those who live by their labour, those who strive to build a decent life for herself and her children, have their hands tied by the usurers’ chains of credit.

Workers’ right to have a decent life and freedom to determine their own future is both an absolute necessity and an express right; bank and credit card debts should be written off.

Bank debts of peasants should be written off

The burden of debt imposed on the peasant population is an outcome of anti-people policies pursued by bourgeois governments, and the chain of exploitation created by agricultural monopolies and indubitably the bank capital which works hand in hand with them. All bank debts of farmers, who are engaged in subsistence farming or who work the land with their own and their family’s labour, should be written off.

External debts should be repudiated

All external debt payments by the government as well as all private banks and companies must be stopped. The usurious system by which international capital hold the people of this country captive with the collaboration of their local henchmen must be abolished.

The labourers of this country will not be occupied with trivialities such as how to repay the debts borrowed so as to allow imperialists to sell their goods, to claim our economy that has been made dependent as their own market, to render our country the dump of their own goods from warplanes to luxury cars!

A humane work order should be established

Having an average weekly working hour of more than 50 hours, our country is one of the most preeminent infernal regions in the world for labour. This is nothing but the enslavement of labourers in this country.

Work hours must be limited to 8 hours a day and five days a week at once.

The minimum wage and sectoral wage rates should be reset by workers themselves

In order to raise wages in all sectors to the level required for a decent life, nationwide wage setting commissions to be established by workers’ representatives should be designated.

Even though the capitalists and their representatives are constantly bragging about how impressively Turkish economy has grown, our country has become a hellhole for the toiling masses. Our people are “fed up with” this system of slavery.

Unemployment should be prohibited

Unemployment is not a natural phenomenon that is generated by the regular mechanisms of the economy.

The capitalists fuel unemployment so as to employ workers at a cheaper price and for longer hours. It is apparent that they try to keep wages low, divide workers and keep the threat of unemployment alive by laying off the workers they employ transiently and by hiring new workers, again for short periods of time.

Dismissal of workers should be prohibited.

Government officials who overlooked the political activities of Fethullah Gülen cult and all religious sects should be put on trial

If they are claiming that “the FETÖ” (“Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization” as they say) “has betrayed this country and committed major offences”, they have to admit their complicity in this treason, that they have either willingly and deliberately participated in or overlooked everything this organisation did. If they are claiming that “the FETÖ was at the disposal of foreign powers”, they have to admit that they have made agreements with the same “foreign powers” through this sect, that they have secured the support of the United States through Gülen.

Everything that can be said about the Gülen sect is true in the same vein for all other religious sects and cults.

Those who overlooked their political activities must answer to the people and pay for their crimes.

The use of religion in politics should be prohibited

The use of any faith, religion or denomination in political organisation, propaganda or program; the act of building political organisations based on religious communities, regardless of the fact that these constitute a majority in the country or in any part of the country, should be prohibited.

All educational institutions that do not provide secular education services should be closed permanently

All entities, institutions and schools which use religion as a base and substitute religious doctrines for science, must be expelled from the national education system.

The fundamental characteristic of secular education is that it is based on science, embraces people of all faiths and ethnicities, takes science, not religious beliefs or doctrines, as its “real guide”.

The need to “train religious functionaries” can also be satisfied by special institutions that provide equal opportunities to all faiths and that by no means renounce the principles of secular education.

Turkey should leave NATO

NATO is a monstrous organisation that serves the United States’ mission of global gendarmerie; an occupying and colonialist force organised according to the interests of imperialist powers.

Turkey should leave NATO at once.

All foreign military missions should be deported

It is evident that the presence of foreign soldiers on Turkish soil today is not a product of international cooperation or solidarity among peoples, but an outcome of imperialist interests and the collaborationist policies pursued by Turkish moneybags. They must leave our country immediately.

All military forces abroad should be recalled

Real patriotism demands not set one’s eye on the homelands of others. Turkish soldiers have nothing to do in other countries. Our military forces on foreign soils are there either as a result of policies of imperialist warmongers or directly under the command of imperialist military organisations such as NATO.

All foreign military bases should be shut down permanently

All foreign military bases and installations should be shut down permanently. As long as these military bases and installations exist, our country should be considered as occupied. As long as these military bases and installations exist, our people will fall victim to anti-people provocations.

Racist propaganda should be prohibited

All views, opinions and publications advocating the supremacy of any race or ethnicity over other social groups, or defining collective interests based on race or ethnicity should be considered as a crime.

Those who really love their country and people are wholeheartedly bonded with the entire humanity. Any other view than this cannot be considered as patriotism but as racism in disguise.

Support the candidates who say THIS SOCIAL ORDER MUST CHANGE

The political parties participating in the coming elections cannot carry out any of the points mentioned above. Yet, these are the necessary precautions that must be taken so that the people of Turkey can take a breath, so that they do not pay the price of the coming economic crisis.

The Communist Party of Turkey, which participates in the elections with independent candidates as it was prevented from taking part as a party, keeps close tabs on every single point mentioned above.

Don’t be fooled by their lies! Support independent candidates who say that THIS SOCIAL ORDER MUST CHANGE!

Join the Communist Party of Turkey!