Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tsipras regrets 2015 referendum, expresses full obedience to EU anti-worker reforms

In an interview to the German newspaper Die Welt, Greece's Prime Minister and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras confirmed with his own words his total transformation into a docile impementer of the anti-people, anti-worker reforms, imposed by the EU and the capitalists. 

Speaking like a man who expresses repetance for his past, Tsipras had kind words for the German chancellor Angela Merkel, praising her role in dealing with the refugee crisis that swamped Greece in 2015, coming in the first few months of the Tsipras government's assumption of power.

Furthermore, he expressed remorse for the 2015 referendum- which was in fact a farse and deception against the Greek people- in which his government had called Greek voters' approval (or disapproval) for a "final offer" by creditors. Let us remind here that his govermment had already agreed to the reforms proposed by the institutions (EU-IMF-ECB) and Tsipras' supposed disagreement was a well-organized deception. 

Regarding the July 2015 referendum Tsipras said the "situation at the time was difficult ... in hindsight, and with the knowledge we have now, we can naturally evaluate different things...". 

Before SYRIZA was in government, Alexis Tsipras added, things had been different, while he stressed the need to continue the stabilisation of the country and its economy. "Through the success of the reforms there will also be relief for the weakest in society," he said. 

Of course, the reality is the opposite of what Tsipras claims. The reforms his government implements contains policies in favor of the big capital, of the large industries. On the contrary, the workers and the popular strata of Greece are facing more and more problems, more cuts and financial difficulties, as a result of the policies implemented by the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government. 

Once again, Premier Tsipras is doing what he knows very well: he is lying. Moreover, he presents again his political "credentials" to the capitalists and the European Union, promoting himself as the best manager of the Greek bourgeoisies' interests. 

In a comment regarding the above interview of Tsipras, the Press Office of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece said: "The loyalty oath in the EU, NATO and their staffs, the attachment to the anti-people reforms, even the recognition as a mistake of the 2015 referendum, constitute the Prime Ministers' official "remorse statement".

This confession of SYRIZA's mutation shows, once more, that any left, progressive militant people who still follow this party must abandon it and align themselves with the KKE".